#spazz YunJae compilation Quotes

6 Sep

YH: There’s you… in my eyes. JJ: Where? Show me where! YH: Here… here.

“Jaejoong’s things are mine. My things are also mine. Isn’t that great?” –Yunho

“Even people who can’t communicate can fall in love.” -Jaejoong

“Jaejoong is a very heartwarming person and also is also full of sentiment.”~Jung Yunho

“For me, I would choose JJ, because he’s a good cook.” Yunho

“Jaejoong took a picture of me when I was peeing and I was so scared cause all I saw was a phone pointing at my private part!”

Jae: Sometimes, when I look at the mirror, I feel like kissing my lips… Yunho: But really, his lips are beautiful, aren’t they?

“When I was a teenager, my self esteem was really low. But when I stood next to Yunho and his crooked teeth, I felt better.”

“I like spicy stuff.” – Jaejoong “Yeah, he’s hot… No wait, I didn’t mean it that way.” – Yunho

“When I can’t sleep at night, Yunho lets me lean on his belly until I fall asleep. His stomach is so squishy.”

“Even if I’m a boy, I feel nervous when I’m hugging him.” –Jaejoong

“As crazy as this sounds, I don’t think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He’s more like my other half.” -Yunho

“20070710 On BigEast Station, Yunho and Jaejoong officially announced that they were married to one another.”

“During an award, my hands were cold and Yunho held out his hands to warm mine.”

“I had a dream that I married you.” -Jaejoong

“If you were a girl, I would marry you.” -Yunho

“I hardly ever cry because that’s just not the type of person I am. But I only break down in front of Yunho at times.”

“I think, a secret love is something none of your friends would understand. And it’s like a fairy tale, but more serious.” -Yunho

“The love that we share is very hard to explain. We’re best friends, but yet we’re not.”

“Yunho has a bad habit of hugging me by the waist. I feel violated.”

“Sometimes the YunJae fanfictions are very sad. I wonder if me and Yunho will ever be seperated.”

“I leaned on Yunho’s shoulder once because I was tired, and I felt his heart beat super fast for some reason.”

“When Jae looks at you, you feel this pulse through your whole body because his eyes are so big ang his stare is very powerful.”

“I met Yunho in 2001. Then we met again in SM and I was a bit surprised. I guess it’s fate.”

“Fan: Jaejoong gege, you do know that JiJi in Chinese means penis right? *JJ stares awkwardly at her then blushes*”

“I don’t even remember when fans started to become obssesed with us. Is YunJae really that interesting?” –Jaejoong

“There are flaws in romance but love is perfect” –Jaejoong

“Jaejoong says that Yunho reminds him of a cute daddy.”

“Jaejoong was kissed on the cheeks by Yunho.”

“Yunho said he didn’t mind the Yunjae fanfics.”

“When Yunho hugs Jaejoong, it makes him feel romantic.”

“Jaejoong cried when Yunho said the soup that Jaejoong made didn’t taste good.”

“When Jaejoong sends him a text message, Yunho will just call him in return.”

“I know everything about Yunho from his personality to his body.”

“JJ is the only one who can senses when Yunho gets problems–and that’s why he’s someone whom Yunho really needs in his life.”

“If we were a real couple, I think we would have had a serious relationship.”

“Yunho is a typical handsome guy: very tall with a small face.” –Jaejoong

“Jaejoong is so noticable. He’s always easy to be found wherever he goes.” –Yunho

Since they’re (YunJae) the oldest members, they fought a lot and didn’t get along well from time to time

JJ: yunho mmm.. too much to scold for CM: what do u mean? JJ: i think sometimes he doesnt consider me as a male YH: *blushed* dont imagine!

collected by : cicachun


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