120201 YunJae FanAcc (from : HMS)

2 Feb

I used to ship Yunho and Changmin really hard together until SMTOWN NYC. I stayed at the same hotel as them in New York and even stood outside their hotel room to try and hear them interact.

I heard Yunho talking, so I thought it was with Changmin. Until I heard what he was saying. “재중이? 그럼 어디가 이제?” (or something like that, but I’ve been studying Korean for a few months so I know the basics.) which means “Jaejoongie? So where are you going now?”

There was a pause and then I heard him talk again. I don’t think Changmin was there because I didn’t hear him. At this point I was barely breathing because I was so scared that he would find me and SM would arrest me or something. He then said “알겠어. 둘어봐, 재밌게 놀아. 정말 사랑해.” “Okay, I understand. Listen, just have fun. I really love you.”

And then it got really quiet and I heard footsteps. I was about to faint, so I quickly ran down the hallway and got into the elevator. I don’t know if he came out of the room or not because I had already left.

I was shocked. I’m heartbroken. I thought if there was anybody in kpop who were close, it was HoMin, but this proved me otherwise. But it gave me a new hope for DBSK as five so I’m happy.

S!B None of my followers will believe me
S!B2 I was a really big HoMin believer so if I suddenly say I don’t ship them anymore I’m scared what people will think about me.”

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  1. yume February 5, 2012 at 05:21 #

    yunjaeeee ^o^

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