[INFO] List of JYJ with Awards for 2011

2 Jan

1) 7th Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards: Popular Asian Artist ==> The Beginning

2) 2011 KBS Best Icon Award: Top Idol Star ==> In Heaven

3) So-Loved Awards 2011:
-Best Male Group ==> JYJ
-Best Music Video ==> In Heaven
-Best Album ==> In Heaven

4) 47th Paeksang Arts Award:
-Best New Actor; Popularity Award-Male ==> Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal

5) Seoul International Drama Awards: Asia Popularity Award; Drama Category-Best Actor ==> Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal

6) MBC Drama Awards: Best Newcomer ==> Yoochun Miss Ripley

7) SBS Drama Awards: Best Newcomer ==> Jaejoong Protect the Boss

8) 5th The Musical Award: Most Popular Actor ==> Junsu Tears of Heaven

9) 17th Korea Musical Awards: Most Popular Actor ==> Junsu Tears of Heaven

10) 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards: World KPOP Superstar Award ==> Junsu

11) So-Loved Awards 2011: Best OST ==> Junsu Scent of a Woman OST

12) So-Loved Awards 2011: Best Drama ==> Jaejoong Protect the Boss

13) 2011 Most Beautiful Man in ASIA (as Chosen by China) ==> Jaejoong

14) 2011 Most Sexiest Man in the World (Peruvian Magazine Privilege 2011)
==> Jaejoong

15) Most Handsome Men of Asia (Singapore’s “My Paper”) ==> Jaejoong

16) Number 1 Best Male Kpop group for JKN entertainment awards 2011 ==> JYJ

17) Melon Best Album for September 2011 ==> JYJ In Heaven

18) Most Favourite Male Artist in ASIA ==> Jaejoong

19) KPOP Convention Hottest Male Artist Award 2011 in Philippine ==> Jaejoong

20) 2011 Adieu! Winners of NeTV Gorealra Awards ==> Jaejoong for 10secs scene and Jaejoong with Namu Couple

21) Korean Update Awards 2011:
-Grand Prize award ==> JYJ
-Best Male Group ==> JYJ
-Best Album ==> In heaven
-Song Of the year ==> In Heaven
-Dance of the year ==> Get Out

22) SoulBeats Best Album for 2011 ==> JYJ IN HEAVEN


cr : fathiah
shared by cicachun .


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