28 Oct

its friday already . . so sory >///<

For oct 13 2011 is HERE ^__^

For oct 20 2011 is HERE ^__^


Title: Amorous Lust
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: drama
Rating: nc-17 [many graphic scenes between yunjae]
Length: chaptered
Author: walin
Author Note : dedicated to peaches00a who asked about this story from my one-shot. will start after rhythm of my heart ends. ^_^
Status: Completed


Kim JaeJoong just graduated college and he wants to go on a vacation before he starts looking for a 9-5 job. His friends who throughout college supported themself as male escorts, they tell JaeJoong about going along with them for one night. There was a bachelor party that asked for 4 of them and their other friend just happened to be sick. The friends told him that it paid really well and one night would cover his whole week of vacation. They told him it was the same as going out getting drunk and waking up with a stranger and then going seperate ways after that, but to their benefit they get to walk away with a big bundle of cash. JaeJoong hesitated for a few weeks. Not wanting his first time to be with a total stranger. But he really wanted to go on a vacation, he’s worked at a fast food drive thru for the last 8 years putting himself thru high school and college. Being an orphan, he’s never been on a vacation. His friends kept pestering him about it and finally he agrees to it. Just for one night, in exchange for a whole week of freedom on vacation.

Jung Yunho is a 27 years old business man. He’s getting married, well more like he’s being forced to marry. He knows he’s not attracted to women, but for his parent’s sake he’s kept his desires suppressed. Once his friends find out about him getting married they throw him a bachelor party. Yes, they know he’s gay. And they want him to let loose and be himself for one night, he deserves it.

Link: HERE ^__^


Title: Love ~Amor~
Author: kitsunekyubi44
Length: One-shot Overall
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Humor


“I Like YOU! You… Idiot!”

Link: HERE ^__^


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One Response to “[YUNJAE FIC LINK] FOR THURSDAY OCT 27 2011”

  1. shinkisarang December 28, 2011 at 01:19 #

    Ohh I read amorous lust long long ago <333
    walin is one of the first authors I ever followed it's a good read, also should recommend and act of kindness by her, that's my fav, chibi YJ never fails :))))

    I'll read the other recommendation, thank you ^^

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