20111021 JYJ (YooSu) In Heaven FanMeet Fan Acc

21 Oct

1. Junsu said there is nothing about Yuchun that he feels unsatisfied of, except for his forehead.

2. Junsu said Yuchun doesn’t want to go whenever he asks him (YC) to play football. YC said he would go if there’s only Junsu. He feels burdened when there are other artists. then JS said, he will not invite others if Yuchun wants to go. But in the end Yuchun still doesn’t want to go, he says he has no confidence while playing football.

3. Yuchun said the most unforgettable scene in Tears of Heaven is when Junsu held the Tiger, and then everyone shouted “Forehead”!

4. Yuchun said he heard a weird rumour that as long as you eat Penzal Q when in pain, you will be okay. But to those fans who werent able to participate in fansign, jealous till stomach pain is forbidden

5. yuchun admires that junsu can get hold of the atmosphere well when playing

6. YC said he would go if there’s only Junsu

7. Fans tried to make Junsu do angel xiah but he kept making excuses, saying he’s too old for it. The fans kept begging so he gave in

8. I told the guard I wanted to say something JS, to let him know I was going to have my dissertation defense the following week. JS didn’t understand and asked me what I was trying to say. I said it again, he still couldn’t understand, even the guard had figured it out. The guard repeated it to JS and then JS wished me luck.

9. When he was signing, he held up the sheet I gave him and said that it was really hard (the fan gave him a sheet of paper with her Chinese name so he could copy from it), and he kept asking the guard if he was writing it correctly ‘like this?’ I told him ‘Oppa you wrote it really well last year.’ After writing the Chinese one, I asked if he could also do the Korean, but the guard said no. I asked for a handshake but the guard declined again. When he was done, the guard passed the piece of paper on to Yoochun.

10. YC: We had a fan sign with only two members last time as well
JS: What was I dong?
Everyone: Your musical
YC: It was good with only 2
JS: Because I wasn’t there?
YC: Yes
JS: =____=’

11. JS: I understand that people probably aren’t happy with our management company, but the situation is really different from other artists, so there are many respects in which they might not do so well. There will be improvements.

12. JS also talked about wanting to release a 2nd worldwide album

13. JS said he always tries to get YC to go play soccer with him but he always refuses. YC said he would go if it was only JS but he feels pressured because there are other artistes too.

14. Since you’ve been together since you were young, do you feel any different now?
JS said YC has learned to be more laid back and live a more relaxed life. He smiles more and is more cheerful. JJ is also more laid back and has become more organized/able to direct.

15. YC said JS uses reverse psychology to overcome stress. He always says ‘We can do this!’ to encourage everyone.

16. YC said he feels like an old man in front of all the rookies who are 90-ers.

[Trans] 111021 In Heaven Sign Event fan acct #1

I guess you all know already but those two were really handsomeㅠㅠPictures fail to show

Junsu dyed his hair in dark brown and did his hair in a different way…oh I liked it better than the previous style
And when the fans shouted “Annyeonghaseyo!” to him while he was entering, he smiled to us ackackack
Yoochun…his hair, wearing a coat and glassess…ackackackT____T
Maybe this is just my feeling but I really made a LOT of eye contacts with Yoochun today..
He didn’t turn away and stare at me directly when our eyes met…
Yoochun is…a good person..

I saw them when they were entering, and they seemed to be in a good mood today.
They said hello with sweet smiles

Junsu: It’s been a long time since we had a sign event, right? Since it’s been a long time, I’m nervous..It’s good to see you so close
Yoochun: Junsu’s lines are so stereotyped (Fans laughing)
Junsu: It is rather stereotyped, but it’s still true
Yoochun: Uh…well…sorry lool
Oh I saw those stories on the internet. Someone bought 30 copies but didn’t get invited, and someone bought only one but did get invited…
Junsu: They say that’s destiny lol You guys are going succeed lol Having a fan event with these people…!..I’m very honored

(Fans laughing hard)

Yoochun: Jaejoong is not here today….I’ve heard a lot about thatㅜㅜ
Junsu: There a rumor that we didn’t let him to do it on purpose.. that’s not true at all. He had something to do… Uh, the person on the first row is sighing? It’s not something bad..(the reason why Jae didn’t come)
Yoochun: Didn’t the two of us did the last sign event too?
Junsu: No you did it with Jaejoong last time. I couldn’t because of the musical
Yoochun: Ah it was nice back then
Junsu: Hmm?? Why? Because I wasn’t there???
(Chun, Su laughing)

Fans: Call him!!! International call!!!!

Yoochun: If you pay the phone bills instead…
Fans: I’ll pay it!!!!!! I say I’ll pay!!!!!!

Two of them silent with a little smile

Junsu: Why don’t we have some questions? But I won’t answer to embarrassing questions cuz we didn’t plan to have questions today

Question 1: Yoochun said “Uh? Big!!!!!” shooting Junsu-sii with a video camera during the Japan concert, what was that about?
Junsu: (immediately) That’s an embarrassing one. Pass.

Question 2: You tweeted a video with Fallen Leaves lyrics the other day but the video didn’t work…what was it?
Junsu: Ah!! That day? Hmm..I don’t remember hehe

Question 3: Yoochun-oppa did you clear the last boss in Zelda

Yoochun: You won’t be able to see it but the capillaries in my eye has burst…ㅠㅠ…I’m playing it over 38 hours..I made it to about 60%
Junsu: We talked about it at the shop today, and he said he played the game till dawn.
He was originally a big fan of Zelda..I saw him playing it when since we were in Japan
But he’s going to quit for a while Eu-hanghang(Junsu’s laughing) He’s so tired
Yoochun: Now I respect the pro-gamers
Junsu: I have pro-gamer friends and to them game isn’t a hobby, it’s a job..there’s nothing easy

Question 4: I’m sorry to ask this so early but Junsu-ssi Angel Xiah please…

Junsu: (Laughing, seeming to be very embarrassed) Ah…I’m really embarrassed..ㅜㅜ It’s to close today..
Fans: For the last time!! Last!!!
Junsu: I’m doing that last time for 2 yeras……….ㅠㅠ
Fans: Just for once!!!!!!!! Once!!!!!!
Junsu: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ…Mine is too common now so Yoochun-nim..Show us Angel Yoochun
Yoochun: I can’t do it…… I wasn’t an angel since I was in middle school…
Junsu: Then show us Devil Yoochun.. I’ll do if Yoocun does. Now, make a charismatic expression
Yoochun: Why should I do it?? Laughing, looking at Junsu

Fans whining endlessly..Just for once, just for once..and of course I was one of them
Junsu, sighing deeply

Junsu: You really should know it’s embarrassing now.. Really, when I was in my early 20′s..To be honest, I’m not so old right now but I’m surprised when I see idols these days.. We’ll look like ajussi(아저씨) too them (Fans: Noo!!)
People were born in the 90′s…Long time ago, someone asked when were you born? and when we answered in 1986..they said wow people were born in the 80s too! But now we say that..Ha….(sighing)

Fans listening seriously, then shouting Angel Xiah!!

Junsu: Wow, you don’t buy it, don’t you? I really can’t do it…ㅠㅠ

And he suddenly did Angel Xiah…Grinning..
Fans making a fuss about it, Yoochun laughing at it..
But he really seemed like he didn’t want to do it..ㅠㅠㅠbut he has to do it till 35…ㅜㅜ

Question 5: When are you going to be active in Korea? (Concerts, ect..)
Yoochun: In Korea? Hmm..It’s not decided yet….we’re not sure but maybe in this year…

Fans shouting
Yoochun: Maybe…around December or something…but we’re not sure..there are things we need to arrange before that..
Fans: Please in a large venue!! Large!! Ticketing!!
Yoochun: Hmm.. In a large venue if we do it.. Hmm.. Well, what about having just five in Daehakro? Just five

Fans going crazy

[Trans] 111021 In Heaven Sign Event fan acct #2

Fan: Nice to meet youㅠㅠI’m very old, I’m 31.. (Fans: Ehhh~~!!)
Yoochun: Born in 1981?
Fan: Yes, yes, yes..(Question 6) Is Junsu-kun playing…Todd in musical Elisabeth?
Junsu: Hmm…nothing’s sure yet…oh well..I am thinking it is a good musical…hmm..(he was very careful about it)
By the way, are there no questions related to JYJ? We’ll have a question about JYJ for last..
Hmm? where?? there?? (he looked at the fans) Uh..(to Yoochun) You..you pick one
Yoochun: Where? where?? Junsu, where?

This was cute LOL

Question 7: You have fans in South America, Asia, and all over the world. Do you have plans for the future?

Everybody laughed cuz her tone and question were like a reporter

Yoochun: Oh, did she just pull out a laptop? (like talking to a reporter)

Everyone laughing out loud LOL
And quiet for a while………both of them silent……………

Junsu: Hmm.. we do have a lot of plans..but nothing is easy for us, so a lot of times it just gets cancelled..
We’re careful about our words because if we say it, we might give too much hope to you..(he used a word 희망고문, which means hope torure when translated directly. he means they’re careful cuz the fans might be hopeful, and disappointed when they fail it)
Like we said before, we’re making an effort to make an event to meet with the fans before next year comes
And if possible..We’re working to have a 2nd worldwide album next year..hehe
Well, we’ll have personal schedules from time to time..uh..yeah that’s it. OK??

After that question, the signing event began.
The order was Junsu-Yoocun
They seemed to be happy during the whole event
I kept looking and Junsu didn’t shake hands..ㅠㅠYoochun seemed to shake hand when the fans asked to

It became my turn and I went up
I opened the page and gave it to him, Junsu started to write

Me: Congratulations for championship two days ago..I went there

He looked up and smiled when I said I went..why don’t you guys try tomorrow hehe

Junsu: (When he saw my face) Uh?? I think I saw you?
Me: What?????????? Eh??? Really?? No way!!! (in panic)
Junsu: Hmm..(looking at my face) Didn’t you come to my soccer game a lot of times? I remember! Eu-hanghang!!

I didn’t miss a game but I was so surprised.. Maybe I’m awarded for shooting Can You Hear Me everytime at the steel-bars (She’s talking about the scene where Junsu sings behind steel-bars in TOH)
I don’t know if it was a fanservice..but I was so thrilledㅠㅠ

Junsu: Ah, by the way your name..
Me: Ah! Yes, it’s 00! 000!! (still in panic)
Junsu: 000?
Me: Yes! Oh yesterday number ~player really did well! Who is he?
Junsu: ~player Ah…who was it…..I don’t remember…

at that moment he finished signing and the bodyguard made me move

Me: Could you shake hands with me?? ㅠㅠ hand shake…..
Junsu said with such a sad expression and eyes
Junsu: If a do it with one person, I have to do it with everone..I’m really sorry..ㅠㅠ

Junsu’s expression was really like the cat in Shrek….
You’re all losers..you didn’t see his expression….ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠHowever, I became sorry so I just shut up and moved on

I went up to Yoochun and he really is charismaticㅠ
But he’s sweet at the same time..He did the sign so fast..
really damn fast..ㅠㅠ

Yoochun: Your name?
Me: It’s 00~

Yoochun signing

Me: Are you happy these days?
Yoochun: ..why?
Me: You look bright these days and it makes me happy

Yoochun was signing with no expression but look up when I said this

Yoochun: I’m happy. I’m living well

and he smiled sweetly
And the impact of this one line was damn huge than a hundered other saying
I almost fainted..
Yoochun..I like..no I love you..It was so short but it touched my heart..ㅠㅠ
Don’t smile looking upㅠㅠㅠ

[Trans] 111021 In Heaven Sign Event fan acct #3

The fans were so polite and calm today…nice job fans!
And suddenly, when the event almost came to an end, a boy fan came up
Crazy fans LOL
Yoochun and Junsu were calm, but the fans got more excited and shouted ohhhh!!!!
Clapping, making a fuss…Junsu and Yoochun laughed too
He was tall and handsome…lol

When the staff started to organize things to finish the event, the fans started to go crazy, shouting there are more time left
So we decided to have more questions one from each site(Kyobo, Interpark, Synnara, Aladdin)

However, first

Synnara Question1: (pointing the white grand piano in the front) What’s that piano for?? Are you going to sing us a song??
Fans: Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Staff: Ah, that piano isn’t tuned at all
Fans: It’s OK!!!!!!!!!!
Staff: Ah, it isn’t a good manner to artists..
Fans: It’s OK!! OK!!!!!!!! OK!!!!!!
Staff: You need to understand…to protect the artists…
Fans whining

The staff and fans kept fighting
Junsu listened to the arguement and said

Junsu: Ah the piano…we’re not ready for it..
Fans: A song, then!!!

Junsu, Yoochun laughing, looking at each other
Junsu: What song do you want?
Fans crazy
Junsu: Ahhhhhh!!!!
and he suddenly started to sing You are so Beautiful

The atmosphere was…so great

Aladdin Question 2: Fans always support oppas.. could you say something to the fans in return?
Junsu: Ah…well..this is rather weird as a question cuz..we do it even when not asked..a..well..lol
It’s the easiest thing in a way, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for question time. Hmm..I’ll talk about this later when we’re over

Aladdin Question 3: Can’t we have a phototime?
Yoochun: No..sorry~

Kyobo Question 4: You two have seen each other since you were young.. are there some parts that make you feel he’s grown up, or he’s just the same?
Junsu: Hmm..well..first, in Yoochun’s case i think he got better rather than changed… Like, his expressions or behaviors, he became more confident.
Yoochun laughed a lot on the TV but he had a dark side in everyday life.. but it’s surprising that these days that disappeared a lot, and I think that’s the best part
It’s same with Jaejoong too…(the fans in the first line said something) Huh?? what?? You miss Jaejoong? I want to call him over but what can I doㅠㅠ..
Eu-hanghanghang anyway, I think it’s same with Jaejoong too. There are pressures or stresses from some parts but we’re thankful that we got a chance to improve..
Anyway he have this confidence now!!

Fans clapping

cr: jinying2050_裕秀 + tohovikki + chenjiao108801 trans by _dorfy + DC Gall trans by With_Junsu + JYJ3
shared by cicachun .


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