111011 TVXQ Baidu admin post – A final letter to our family

11 Oct

Part 1

This first post is dedicated to TVXQ Baidu, we deeply love this family and every member no matter what.

Though this may seem sudden to all of you, and will cause panic and sadness, we hope that you will understand and continue to support us, working hard this family’s future.

In order to avoid evoking sadness, we will simply go through the arrangements in terms of how everything will continue to operate. Our resignation reports can be found here This will also serve as proof for the normal resignation process we will go through in Baidu Tieba. We hope that you will forgive us for choosing to write this announcement in such a formal and simplistic manner; we do not wish to involve too many personal emotions.
In any case, it is difficult to control one’s emotions when writing such announcements, so any details that come to mind will be included. Further, any areas which require adjustment as well as points that we forget to mention in this post will be communicated to the new administrators.

Source : http://t.co/kBtUP9Id%3Cbr/%3ETrans

Part 2

There are a total of 21 members in the current team of administrators, including: 些些、包子、熙熙、鱼贩、抱抱、沁儿、块块、梦、甜心、艾艾、肥皂、蓝蓝、球球、琰琰、企鹅、木木、冰冰、竹子、果果、韵、梳子 (These are the names of the admins so I won’t translate them). They have been active from 2005 to 2010, cooperating as a family and a team throughout this time. All announcements made by the administrative team are passed by every single member before being made. Similarly, the final decision to resign as TVXQ Baidu’s administrators was also a collective decision.

All current moderators of TVXQ Baidu sub-bars will be resigning, this includes: 12年26仙班、仙后学院学生会、神起客栈大掌柜、学生会秘书部、学生会事务部、学生会治保部、神起客栈餐饮部、神起客栈客房部 (names, won’t translate them). Resignations will be filed to Baidu immediately so that arrangements can follow in order for Tieba to continue operating.

In order to ensure that TVXQ Baidu is properly maintained before a new administrative team is formed, sub-bar moderators (names ommitted) will continue to carry out their responsibilities for the time being, including deleting incorrect threads, deleting question threads, making sure everything runs smoothly, up until the new team has been finalized. Once the new administrative team takes over, the posts of responsibility held by the aforementioned sub-bar moderators will be taken away.

Source : http://t.co/kBtUP9Id%3Cbr/%3ETrans

all trans by @_dorfy
shared by cicachun .


One Response to “111011 TVXQ Baidu admin post – A final letter to our family”

  1. request letter October 26, 2011 at 16:26 #

    Great points! Surely this will make them proud.


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