111011 [ Extract from TVXQBaidu Resignation Post ]

11 Oct

all trans by @_dorfy

T/N: This is a very small part of it, there are pages and pages but I found a screencap of this section and I think it pretty much answers people’s questions as to why they quit. I won’t translate the whole thing because there is simply too much angst put in posts that are far too long, but if you can understand Chinese, the full post is here

The first time we considered leaving was during the DC issue; DC posts were never set as stickies, we have always been the same with how we operate: we will remain the same whether the five are together or not, yet what has changed is not us, but people’s will to nitpick and criticize. Because we didn’t set it as sticky, a lot of people PMed to reprimand us, even some of our friends came and asked about it. I really cannot understand whether the issue is that they never knew the rules or if they are purposely trying to challenge them in the hope of making their own biases stand out. In other people’s eyes, our determination to support all five and have faith in all five became bias, but is it really us or is it you?

So many people have tried to persuade us into taking a side, to force us into taking a side. Korean sites want us to give up on JYJ in order to support HoMin for their comeback, they said they wouldn’t help us unless we gave up on JYJ. In the same way, sites which support JYJ have tried to persuade us into leaving HoMin. Who would’ve known that we were struggling to survive within the gap between these two sides? We took it all quietly, bearing the burden of maintaining a OT5 site, we never attacked or left any particular side and all we ever hoped for was to keep a place where people could have faith and continue to support the five, all we wanted was a family, a family where OT5 could be tolerant with each other, yet all we got in return was fans from both sides continuously challenging us, even our friends. Why have you become so biased? Why is it that just because you chose to choose a side, you feel that you should force us to do the same? Is it wrong for us to love all 5? Why do OT5 have to suffer this way?

A girl I had known for a really long time even told me she felt I should just shut down TVXQ Baidu, why hasn’t a site of this size ever tried to stand up for JYJ? I told her we had already said everything we could say but we would never do anything that requires hurting HoMin in order to help JYJ, we’d rather poison ourselves mute. She said to me ‘So you won’t protect JYJ anymore?’ The answer is yes, if the price of protecting them is to hurt HoMin then we’d rather not offer any protection, and the same goes towards HoMin, if protecting them requires causing harm to JYJ then we’d rather do nothing.

In the end, trying not to harm either side in order to protect them caused ourselves the greatest harm, we’ve been hurt all over now and our wounds won’t heal, is that satisfying to some of you now? Borrowing a word from my teacher ‘The ‘people’ you are hurting, they’re not mere abstract nouns, they are actual people made of flesh and blood!’ We feel wronged, hurt, sad, tired too, we’re not gods of war. We have no armor made of gold. Perhaps this result is what will finally have you satisfied.

Source : http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/bmiddle/673a9960gw1dlzl2qzd9cj.jpg%3Cbr/%3ETrans
All Trans By @_dorfy
Shared By cicachun .


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