1 Oct

It seems it’s not only VIPs that are angry with the way their management label favors the girl groups, as several SM Entertainment fandoms recently voiced their concerns on Pann as well. Many fandoms expressed that they were upset with the way SM favored SNSD and gave them the promotion and push that their other groups never received.
The important thing to note about this Pann is that it is NOT an attack against SNSD.
The post received 45,690 views, 893 recommendations, 429 replies, and was the trending article of the day. Translation below:

SM fandoms are not angry or pissed off against SNSD. We’re angry against SM Entertainment for the way they only favor SNSD. Because of SNSD’s comeback, it seems they totally pushed Super Junior’s follow-up promotions on the backburner. That in itself is ridiculous, but there’s also the fact that TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee have set so many incredible records that SM Entertainment never acknowledged or put out articles in the media for. But of course, SM will never ever promote another group other than SNSD even if their lives were put on the line.
And to the Sones. I often see Sones acting like they’re really not being treated like princesses because the girls are always having to perform at several events a day, traveling from Seoul to Pyungtaek and even visiting the emergency room.
Should I refute that? Super Junior performs at events, SHINee performs at events, f(x) and CSJH perform at events, TVXQ performs at events, the Trax performs at events, and even BoA performs at events. SNSD is not the only one performing at events. Why, does it piss you off that your precious girls must perform at these little no-name events and not at concerts? Do you even know how many singers there are that can’t perform at events even if they dreamed of it?
And you’re seriously saying that traveling from Seoul to Pyungtaek is tiring? Super Junior travels overseas within just a day for their international concerts. Seoul to Pyungtaek is NOTHING compared to this.
About going to the ER… It’s not only SNSD, all top stars have been there at least once. Krystal fainted in the middle of a stage during “Mr. Boogie” while performing at an event.

The three best replies were as follows (warning: heavy profanity):

608 agree, 11 disagree
Did you guys know that Super Junior shot their music videos for Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Too Perfect, Mr. Simple, and A-Cha in the same exact location with the same concept? Shit, they spend as little as possible as they can on Super Junior’s album but they make the most money out of it. SM, you fucking trash. You really need to pick up on the treatment for Super Junior, are they kids you just threw out?

525 agree, 6 disagree
When TVXQ shot their music video for O overseas, they didn’t even get permission to film at a location so they had to constantly be on the run. Staffs didn’t even go because of it.

479 agree, 7 disagree
SM fuckers, you’re selling out Super Junior just so you can promote your little princesses? You produce Super Junior’s album qualities in absolute shit (not the song, the actual physical production) and make it cost fucking expensive. SNSD’s album, on the other hand, has the highest fucking quality but costs less than Super Junior. Just admit that you’ve given up on Super Junior, you fuckers.

Source: Nate Pann + netizenbuzz
shared by cicachun .


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