YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -4-

21 Sep

16 Sept 2011 .

Part 3 you can read >> HERE

This one is a bit longer than the other fteller accounts. Mianhae. I just want to disclose everything.

Okay, so as promised we came back to the fortune teller who said jaejoong is *u know what* haha. This time, we came with Yunho’s pic with us. Okay, this one is a bit confusing and disappointing (somehow, for ME) hence, I don’t want to hide what the fortune teller said and I want disclose everything as much as possible. So here we go:
First, the fortune teller let me cut the cards. The cards that she had to use were the red ones, she said they’re for LOVE something (??).. I’m not really sure. aha

we showed a pic of Yunho

FT: (looked at the pic for a moment) Is this your boyfriend??

Me: No… no.. We just know him but not personally.

FT: oh… he’s a bit gay? Isn’t he gay? ( I wasn’t shocked when she said that because she already got to see Jaejoong as gay, so why not yunho right?.. what I was shocked about is she just said it right away, without even taking it slowly.. haha u know what I mean!!! Lol! It’s not good for the faint-hearted Yunho fans hahah.)

Me: (nodded and laughed). Yeah!

Then she went through the cards… she read the cards…
FT: (she shifted the topic to Yunho’s life in general) He’s talented, he’s successful… He came from a very disciplined and well-off family. Bla bla bla (sorry I forgot some)… (as she continuously reveals the card, a card showed up) See! He’s gay! Too bad… He’s too handsome, what a waste.. What is he?? Where’d he came from??

(T/N: from this moment, my friend had just turned the voice recorder on her phone. So this will be more detailed)

Me: Korea…

FT: oh korean.. (as she continuously scanned the cards, she suddenly said).. one, two, ahhh five… oh! He is NOT gay! It missed!

Me: Missed? What do you mean by that??

(well apparently, at the beginning, a card showed up which said that Yunho is gay, as she continuously go through the rest of the cards, another card showed up, which somehow contradicts the first card.. I hope you get me… haha)

FT: He is NOT really GAY. He’s a real man. He just has a heart of a woman. But he is really not gay.

Me: He is not gay? But he has a heart of a woman? Isn’t that the same ?? =)

FT: I mean, he came from a much disciplined family, he just TURNED gay. But he can be both if he wants to. He can be a real man when he’s with men, and turn gay when he’s with gays. (that time I just smile and thought HE TURNS GAY WHEN WITH JAEJOONG hahahah!). But he’s a real man.. (she kept on repeating that line over and over..)

Me: is he in a relationship right now??

FT: Oh he’s not. (this disappointed me, I was expecting she would say yes!).. There’s been a break.. I can see break up… (this made me really really sad…) he’s already had two SERIOUS relationships but didn’t work out.. but you know what, he is good in making money (she suddenly shifted the topic there again. LOL. P.S. She still didn’t know that time that Yunho’s a celeb.) He can be a gay or a real man anytime (yeah, she said that again. Haha)

Friend: Has he been in a relationship with a Guy??

FT: Yes… he had… he had…

Friend: so they’re already separated??

FT: Yes, yes, seems like it…

Then my friend looked at me and asked “shall we show her??” (the photo of JJ)… I nodded.
(Looked at the pic)

FT: (*AROOO… MAS LALONG BAKLA ITO!!* she yelled. Haha. Sorry, I just have to put that in tagalog coz it’s way funnier haha. Anyways, what she meant was… )Arooo. This ONE is GAYer… (GAYer?? LOL.)

Me: Yes, yes, we already showed you this pic before, you already told his fortune once.

FT: (nodded) That one (YH) is not really obvious… but this one, (JJ) he’s really gay.. very obvious… *laughed so hard* There was something between them.?!

Friend: well, there was a rumor…. But still not comfirmed yet.

FT: Let’s see if it’s true.. (Reassembled the cards again and asked me cut to them.)
…. Ten! Perfect! It’s true! The rumors are true… TRUE!!! 90 percent… Isn’t he (jj) great?? He got him (yh).. He turned him gay,.. *laughed*you said they were rumoured right?

Me: yeah, but we still don’t know if they are still together.

FT: oh, no.. they’ve broken up.. they did. He (jj) has a new…. now..

Me: NEW???!!

FT: there’s a guy who likes him. See, this (yh) even though he’s gay sometimes, he is full of pride. And this (JJ) he’s good in seducing… he can get who he wants… (LOL! That made me laugh)… That (YH again) is not really gay, he can have a girlfriend or boyfriend, anyone he likes.

Me: but do they still communicate each other??

FT: cut it (the cards)… (looked at the cards) Yes…. but they really broke up.

Me: are they still friends??

FT: yes… absolutely. but they’re not in a relationship right now.

Me: even girlfriends??

FT: None… they’re single… where did you get their pics? Are they your friends?

Friend: No, They’re singers from other country… they were in the same group before.

FT: Oh…. (Nodd)

Me: But their group got separated. They were splitted into two groups. Uhm, will their group be together again??

FT: Let’s see… (she then grabbed the green cards and made me cut them)

… ahhh YES!!! They will!! There was only ONE who caused the problem… the main destructor. The one that caused all of it… and now, the truth came out, that they’ll be back again. *Yipee!!*

Me: The destructor?? Is he from the group or outside the group??

FT: One of them…but they’ll be back. They are still fighting,.. (DBSK fighting!! This made me happy!)

Friend: around when??

FT: maybe 2012… maybe.

Me: But the two (yh&jj) will they be back again??

FT: I think no… (paused for a while) BUT, when their group gets back together, there’s a possibility. But they can make it right again, they can still have girlfriends, since they’re guys. They can easily get girls, but this one (JJ), I don’t think so. He’s personally gay!! Really. Really gay. But this one (YH), he just got influenced..*laughed*

AGAIN, The funniest part, happened when we were leaving, when we were already about 10 steps away from the fortune teller, someone asked her something (we didn’t hear the question) but we heard her say “PINAPAHULA NILA DALAWANG GWAPONG BAKLA!!! (laughed)”…in English, “they were asking about two handsome GAYS!!!” haha LOL.

Ok, as I said, I got a bit confused, cause if you remember, the fteller that we first consulted said YJ or DBSK will be back at 2013, but this one said 2012. Whatta!! I don’t care. It would be better if 2012. Haha. Because they’ll be in army in 2013 right??? But nonetheless, YUNJAE will still be together in ARMY hahah… OK, I don’t ask you to believe what the FT said, you can still choose what do you want to believe in.. and REMEMBER, THIS WHOLE THING IS JUST FOR FUN… I STILL WANT TO LEAVE EVERYTHING TO GOD. if they’re really destined by God, they’ll be together no matter what. If they’re not, well, I will be sad…huhu. I don’t want to even think about it. Hmmm… So let’s pray chingus!!!


a/n idk , but im dissapointed about this FT . believe it or not , thats all is up to you .

credits : @JeiAnnLee
shared by cicachun .


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