[FANACC] 110917 A Fan Tweets about Yunho & Changmin at Music Station

18 Sep





Please read from bottom to top.

Conclusion! Yunho and Changmin was the best!! Their aura was great! They were like gods! But, they were humans! I used up all my luck, I’m afraid of my future~xDDD Of course, I lost the lottery for NHK xDDD

Sorry for the long tweets_| ̄|○ My memories are all gone, so the order may be messy xD

So the program ended. They were bowing politely to the front, back, right, and left. I was very impressed (T^T) The fans of the other artists were calling the names, so I called together with a fan sitting next to me “YUNHO!” but he pretended that he didn’t hear us_| ̄|○ So sad xDDD As a revenge, when they were leaving, we shouted “Yunho Changmin!”, they glanced us and very lightly bowed to us, and they were gone xDD

So AKB finished their performance, and they were all on standby during the CM. They were standing in order of Yunho, Changmin, and Ku-chan. Yunho was talking and stretching his arms xD Changmin seem to be surprised and made a funny face during their talk xDD I was trying hard to hear their talks, but cannot hear a word orz

It was near the ending, and the VTR was for songs from 2006 onward. We were expecting Tohoshinki’s songs to come out, but it didn’t, we were discouraged_| ̄|○ The two were on the rhythm with the songs, and was chatting happily together.

After B.U.T finished, they went backstage. I suddenly felt exhausted, and tried to concentrate watching the VTR. After a while, they came back! When they glanced at us, we did “Good job!” b(´ω`*)d!, but they pretended that they didn’t see us_| ̄|○( Well, that’s just natural for them to do so xDD

So they were ready for the performance, and we were watching them from their back xDDD And, BE-AU-TY TTTT!!!! I again stared at them, as if I’ll pierce a hole into them (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟) And, as if I would jump onto them. I am worried if Yunho and Changmin have holes in their bodies…←

Oh, was today’s Yunho’s pierces the same as Jaejoong’s? (*∵) I stared at it, but cannot see them clearly…I was talking to the Bigeast sitting next to me, it seems like a matching one.

During EXILE’s performance, they were preparing for their performance. I was in love with Yunho, who was a little bit clumsy in putting on his microphone. One of the staffs was helping Changmin xD So the talk begins! We were anxiously watching them…oh, I completely forgot the contents of their talks xDD Yes, they were talking with Ku-chan! And then, standby!!

When BoA’s VTR was on screen (*∵)(´・J・`), they were like WOW—!! , and seemed so happy. Yunho was bending his waist to the right and left. Oh, he is really a human being! (((;゚д゚;)))←

It was the time when CHAGE & ASKA’s VTR was on screen, they were excited the most. Do they like CHAGE & ASKA? Changmin was humming together with “Seishun ami-go” “Sakurazaka” “Flavor of Love” “Real face” “Sakura”. Those songs hold memories for me, too, it was very touching。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

During the CM time, they were talking with Koda Kumi-chan (´ω`*)It was so heartwarming❤ When they were sitting as Ku-chan, Changmin, and Yunho, the fans of Ku-chan sitting in front of us waved their hands, and Ku-chan recognized them. We were appealing to them, too, but they didn’t look at us xDDD so sad xDDD

For your information, we were sitting at the left side of the gate where the artists first appear.

During the whole time, Changmin was sitting very straight, he has a good posture. On the other hand, Yunho-san was basically leaning forward, or stooping. The two recognized the passionate glances of the 5 Bigeasts, they glanced at us. Yunho grinned a bit, but immediately pretended that he didn’t do so.

Yunho was moving his mouth,nose,and tongue watching the VTRs. I at last understood that…he is a regular human being. During “odoru ponpokorin” (*∵)< oh this (´・J・`) yes yes (*∵)< pi-hyara pi-hyara… he was singing together with the song. He looked happy.

First of all, the studio for Music Station is rather small. My hand was sweating, unusual for me. Tohoshinki appeared. Yunho was having his smug look on. I was staring from their back, they are so tall (compared to the other guests). They sat down (on the side that won't appear on screen, left of Tamori-san). During the time the VTR was on screen, they were keeping the rhythm. From that time, I was continuously watching them with passion for 3 hours.

I will write a report xD I don’t have good memories, I’ll forget them one by one xD

It just finished now~TT How should I explain…。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 I can’t find any words xD Everyone, thanks for your replies.

Only 5 Bigeasts were invited(((;゚д゚;)))OMG——

Source: kae_tvxq0r @ twitter
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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