110917 Fan Account and Fancam ” A Date With Yuchun “

18 Sep

Fan Cam .

New Song

너를 위한 빈자리 + new Self-Composed song

sing Found You

got surprise cake

sing chajatta [recomended for dl so clear *__*]

sing empty space for you

Fan Account

110917 Yuchun exclusive fansign

I got a chance to talk with one of the lucky fan. She said YC was shinning and handsome. He sat in the middle of the stage and everyone could see him cleary (≧▽≦)(@)

One of the girls shouted out ‘YC you are so gorgeous’ he replied back ‘I love you there’

The lucky fans got up on the stage to get YC signed poster and high-fived with him. Everyone did have their precious moment with him!!

At the beginning he asked if the fans wanted him to speak Eng or Korean and the fans chose ‘English’ but after he talked in Eng for a while. He swapped into Korean.

YC said he loved Thai hand gesture for paying respect (ไหว้)

I envy all of the lucky girls XD

Thanks to jaeja_n
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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