Fan account of JYJ last concert of World Tour 2011 in Gwang Ju

3 Sep

Fan account of JYJ last concert of World Tour 2011 in Gwang Ju

Before reading my fan account you need to ask yourself if you are sure you want to read it, because this was my very personal account on JYJ and Yoochun especially. I am a Yoochun’s bias, whatever I said here were my personally experience, feelings and perception about JYJ. Because it was on a personal level, I would not justify or saying sorry for anything you found unpleasant here. Personal feelings have no justification.

I have always wanted to attend DBSK5′s concert when I started to follow them in 2005, when they debuted as a J-pop group in Japan. I was a J-pop fan, never a K-pop fan. I have attended a few J-pop and American artists’ concerts before, so live concert was nothing knew to me. I had a high expectation when I came to Gwang Ju to attend JYJ’s concert. And after today I could say that JYJ did meet me expectation if not more.

A few days before the concert, Korean Peninsula was threatened with Maeri typhoon coming from the south. I came to Gwang Ju a day before the concert started with hope that they would not cancel the concert due to this typhoon. So my fisrt expectation was meet.

We queued up outside the concert venue for 2 hours before admitted to the venue, the sky was overcast but did not rain. Someone up there was so good to us because it was raining cats and dogs in the past two days Gwang Ju. Thanked to a Korean chunsa, I got a VIP ticket, which was closed to the extended stage, not the main stage as I had hoped for. (the stage was in the shape of a T, my spot was at the end of the T).

Before the concert started, I was so worry because of the typhoon there would not be many people attend. But I was wrong, arena was almost full when the concert started, there were only a few odd seats here and there on the third level had not been filled.

Around 7:05 the concert was kicked start with three empty glass phone boxes were moving up the stage and my eyes swiftly moved to the box on the right. It was not so hard to guess who I would spend most of my time on right. There they were JYJ in front of my eyes in flesh and blood. They looked so real yet surreal.

I would start with JS first as he was my second bias. JS looked thinner than I expected. His new hair style made he looked more handsome, brighter and more boyish. He was white, his features looked so much better in real person. I have never found JS handsome compared to JJ and YC. But he has his own charisma. He looked kind, manly and an easy going sort of guy. He had this boy-next-door look. Yeah I wish my neighbor was JS. He danced very suasively, perfected each of his movements, and stopped at the right place and at the right time.

His singing, how should I put it, just perfect with lots of passion and dedication. He gave you the air of a guy who could sing anywhere and any time and “I am here to sing whether you like it or not”. He sang unaware of his surrounding, sang his heart out, put all of knowledge of music into singing. Although JS looked a bit tired, he showed a professionalism attitude as a musician to his all of fans.

JJ was as I expected when I first looked at him. All the pictures that he had ever been in show the nakedness of him really well. He was so thin, not as muscular as it was showed up in the pictures, and he looked more of a bit of the feminine side. His newly cut, back-to-black hair, not much of a cut really, made him looked younger. He had a long, big, beautiful and melancholy pair of eyes. His nose was a bit hooked and his mouth and chin was a bit small for his face. He had this skin infection and all the preparation work of his drama that made him looked tired too.

In term of dancing, I would call JJ a lazy dancer. If a dance movement need to have your arm lifted up 90 degrees, JJ would lift up to 75 degrees then started towork on the next movement. He did not have this strong and quirky movement like JS or maybe he was tired I would be able to tell. JJ himself said he before that hehad a rainbow voice, I thought I knew what he meant by hearing him live. His voice went up, then down, then up, every time it gave a feeling of a different color each time he descended or ascended. But I could not name it, something in his voice that told me he was holding something back. He sang cleanly, professionally and just enough to meet the requirement of him, no more no less.

People have seen YC in real life had said that pictures and films do not do Yoochun justice. Now that I have seen YC, what people said about him was an understatement of this century. First time I looked at him after 6 years of spazzing about YC and DBSK, when he walked out of that glass box of their first song, my jaw just dropped to the arena floor. I was about to pick up my poor faint heart, then he smiled, (He just never left my heart alone did he!) both my heart and jaw dropped on the floor once more time with a loud bang! And I swore that I could tell there was a pool of my own saliva next to my feet without looking at it. There he was smiling like he did not care a hoot and yet well awared of what his fans were coming here for, just to see him smiled. Then I started to cried, he was so thin, thinner than when he was in Busan. He looked as if he could be flown away by just a tiny bit of wind from typhoon Maeri. When I stopped crying I looked at him more closely. There was something so special about his smile. They said that JJ has the eyes, JS has the butt and YC has the smile, cheer to those people, they surely knew their stuff. Every time YC smiled chunsa screamed. His smile was so bright which had brightened the weather which had been threatening to Korean Peninsula in the past two days. He had a small face, his eyes, nose and mouth were really proportional. His eyes was bright, shinning, twinkling and kind, there was a bit of flare in his eyes too, his eyes lashes was long enough to make an ordinary girl envious, his nose was higher than in pictures, his mouth was full lipped and ruby red that was so kissable, his skin was milky white and a few scars on the left side cheek made him more human. To separate his facial features, you would not see anything special about them, they were just normal like day and night, with an exception his eyes maybe, to a Jaejoong’s bias, JJ’s might be more beautiful but YC’s eyes were full of different emotions that to me his eyes were more talkative eyes than JJ’s. But when those features were put together, they looked perfectly proportional and beautiful. His face oozed out the tenderness and the sensuality that pictures or moving pictures could never been able to capture it. One of the 1950′s actress I found had this same kind of sensuality was Grace Kelly. YC’s face gave you the feeling of water, it was soft, fluid, easy to bend and yet too hard to break. He was between masculinity and femininity, he gave a soft tender look and yet intense stares that spearsing your soul naked. He has this kind of sensuality and yet full of authority. He looked kind and yet can be cold if he wanted to. He looked like a kind of boy who would not hurt his mom or his girl. He did not, I stressed look sleazy or playful at all and yet he produced such a playful and sleazy act during his solo performance that I would like to know he did it. He looked so human and yet princely at the same time.

To say that YC was the worst dancer in DBSK’s old days was another underrated statement about YC. JS was a good dancer no one could deny it and I was not going to deny it, I loved JS’s dancing style a heap more than YunHo’s even though they called YunHo Korean’s Michael Jackson. JS just danced what was given to him in on the plate. He perfected every movement of the entire choreograph of the song dutifully. No more and no less. With Yoochun, he danced what was given to him but took back a little bit, and added on his own part of the choreography which made it more funky and interesting to watch. Like he flicked his fingers, threw in a smirk, a smile, a wink here and there and touched his groin at the right moment so invitingly, as if he himself knew pretty well what a girl’s dirty inner thoughts werewhen they looked at him. You just could not helped but smiled at his naughtiness. YC had this charisma and flare on stage that when he made a mistake in his dance routine you would hardly notice it. YC’s solo was a killer performance. Every time he pretended to run his fingers along the female’s dancer body, the arena erupted with screams, I could not tell whether they were screams of approval or of jealousy or of even the moaning screams on the behalf of the dancer. He was pretending to touch her, when his finger reached her navel, he walked away to another dancer, with his cat chase game he excelled in making his solo full of sexual innuendoes.

Yoochun was the last member added to DBSK and one the members that trained the least under SM. He was only trained for a year before DBSK’s debut. And I knew alot of fans have said YC has the weakest voice in DBSK. Icould say now proudly that if you havent watch YC sings live then you have no real knowledge in saying that. JS’s singing was so technically correct and so good that you cant say much about it except “wow” and “whah”. JJ’s singing was flowy, and smooth like JS’s. And I said it up there that I couldnt put my finger on what it was that JJ was holding. If JJ can sing it all out, his voice would beawesome and great. YC was different, his voice was husky, deep, magnetic, sexy and powerful. He emoted his voice so well in the “nameless” song and his last solo “an empty space for you”. He sounded like the nameless song was especially made for him that no one can sing as good as he was. He added a little bit of laziness into his singing which made it sounded so sexy and invitingly seductive.

I have always been a YooSu fan during the olden days, but after this concert I had a feeling that my YooSu’s spazzing would be cut short. JJ almost always turned to his left hand side, during singing or during the MC part. He could not leave my YC alone, while JS was starving for his attention on his right. He looked to YC’s side as if he was afraid that YC might be disappeared somewhere out of his sight. It was so funny that when they sang “let it go, let let go” soul-mates turned to look at each other, they both bended their back, wiggled their shoulder looking at each other’s face, JS was standing there oblivious of his surrounding sang his throat away, whileon this side soul-mates were flirting at each other, JJ stepped one step toward YC, YC stood their dancing smiling his deadly smile, JJ took another step forward, YC smiled a little wider, then JJ, another step forward, YC was still smiling but took one step back, looked at JJ then took another step back as if he said “oh no he is so horning I have to get out of here fast”. Even during the last part where they had to hold each others’ hands to bow, JJ was holding the micro on his left hand, swapped it to his right hand, held YC’s with his left empty hand while he held JS’s hand together with his micro.

During changing places JJ stayed in the middle, YC needed to cross over JJ to get to JS’s side and JS to his, he could not escape a tight squeeze with lots of brotherly love from JJ whereas JS’s turn to hug JJ it was so awkward as if JJ was hugging JS out of duty (I am reading too much into it I know). If you looked at those fan cams you would know what I was talking about. I was just kidding there. I was sure the bond between three of them were so great that no one could break them apart now after what they had been through. I remembered JJ once said that YC was the only member that gave him the feeling of wanting to take care of him the most. JJ, were you sure it was just the feelings of brotherly love that you felt toward YC? If so then please stop making your bias and YC’s bias feel jealous. I was one of those. I was sure my ears were steaming with smoke coming out due to all the fume of the burning of the jealous brain cells. If I didnt know them better I swore that JJ was in love with YC.

I have always thought that YC was a soft, sensual on the outside but strong and determine on the inside, where as JJ was cold on the outside and yet soft and a worry-some on the inside. And that YC has always been “a pillar of support” (borrowed someone’s words on this) to JJ not just now but during the DBSK days as well. JS on the other hand was too busy with his singing to notice or he was not perceptive enough or he was too manly to care about these things or he would follow whatever JJ and YC have decided. Three of them seemed like they were depended on each so much for moral support as if no one in the world can understand them accept each other, if one of them was missing the other two would feel so empty and lost.

In conclusion, after watching JYJ sang live, I realized that JYJ was wordwidely famous because they have the 3 factors that a superstar was required. They have The LOOK, the VOICE and the CHARISMA on stage that most group lack.

I wrote this fan account while I was still in Korea using ipad, I didnt not have
Word to check for spelling mistake, please forgive me.


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