YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -2-

16 Aug

first , its not mine okei , if u dont like yunjae , please stop here .

Me: Hi, can you tell me about him? *shows pic of Yunho*

FT: *looks* what’s his name?

Me: Yunho, He’s korean.

FT: well he certainly is handsome *laughs* But I can tell you that he’s been through a lot of stress recently. The features on his face tells me that in his life, there will be many bumpy roads. Especially in love.

Me: Really?

FT: Yes. If I’m not mistaken, He is gay right?

Me: Gay?

FT: Yes gay. I can see that he is in love…but with someone he’s not supposed to be. My guess, a beautiful man.

Me: *speechless* Yes!!! There is a man he likes to hang around with all the time! He is in love with him?

FT: Yes, but also he is in pain. It see***ike, this man cannot be with the one he loves because of separation.

Me: Can you describe the man?

FT:…Hmmm, he has very beautiful eyes….and a strong personality. That’s all I can get right now.

Me: Will they ever be together again even though they are separated?

FT: The path for love is going to be bumpy for them but they’ll make it. It all depends on what road they choose to be happy. I have to say, this is the first time I have ever gotten such a strong feeling about my fortunes.

Me: *hype* Is there anything else about them?

FT: For now, no. But I have a VERY strong feeling they are still loving each other deeply. They are fated together.

Me: OMG…Seriously?

FT: Yes. Just a matter of time before fate brings them back together again.

Me: *smiles like an idiot* THANK YOU MADAME! *drags my friend along out the door, both squealing in glee.*
LOL, that was my story. I am just so hype that the fortune teller said the exact same thing as the other one. Now Let’s just hope what she said is going to come true.

a/n believe it or not , all is up to you 🙂

shared : cicachun


2 Responses to “YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -2-”

  1. dex u krisna (@u_hwa11) October 8, 2011 at 10:56 #

    are u serious about this???

    • cicaa October 8, 2011 at 19:47 #

      its only fortune teller :] believe it or not its all up to you :]

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