YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -3-

16 Aug

first , its not mine okei , if u dont like yunjae , please stop here .

Aug. 12, 2011

This time, I let my friend do all the talking with the FTeller as I listened to every word she said. Of course we asked her if she can do it with a pic alone. And she said“YES. YES. Let’s see.”
Then we just showed JAEJOONG’S PIC. (same pic that we used before.)
She stared at the pic for quite a long time.

FT: what’s his name??

Friend: Jaejoong.

FT: he’s not from here?

Friend: yea, he’s Korean. But we don’t know him personally. (She let my friend choose 7 cards.)

FT: (after reading the cards) he likes someone, but they got separated. (I giggled so much because of this! Swear!)
He’s very successful and he still has long way to go. He’s very talented. He’s good at dancing… and singing? He’s acting too. He’s very helpful. He has already helped a lot of people. He’s kind… very kind, but full of pride.
(since the fteller was just talking about JJ’s general life, and I didn’t come for that! I came for YUNJAE!! I can’t help but butt in… hahah.)

Me: How about his lovelife????

FT: (looked at the pic once more)
He has a lot of girls. Really…. A lot… But still has no boyfriend.
(after hearing that, my friend and I looked at each other and mouthed “BOYFRIEND???!”. I thought that the fteller just mistakenly said that and that she really means to say GIRLFRIEND. As I was about to ask her.. she said…)
He has a heart of a woman. (looked at the pic again…) ISN’T HE GAY????

US: (I seriously wanted to scream) oh really?…! How’d you know???

FT: I can see it. He’s really close to girls… 1,2,3,4…. (she was pointing all over JJ’s face as she counts something on it) many girls. But he’s not into girls. Boys are more of his type. He likes bonding with the girls, and he has the heart of a woman. I know it. He’s like a girl.
(Take note: JJ looked so manly in the pic we used! That’s why we were so amazed that she got to see the women behind JJ’s handsome face. Kekeke)

Me: Oh my god. You’re right!! (that time I couldn’t contain myself anymore, LOL. My friend and I were cracking up. Kekeke~ I think the fteller thought we’re weird because of that.)

FT: (she laughed at me..) Of course, I’m always accurate. And it’s because this card came out (pointed at the card), it says he’s gay.

Friend: wait, so hee doesn’t have a Boyfriend right now??? Really??

FT: (looks at the pic again and again and again. LOL) I see a guy., his friend, a tall guy.. (she mentioned about heights, whatever, my yunjae mind says it YUNHO, what the hell. Hahah!). It’s like this, it started as friendship but got developed into love… (we nodded) that guy is a bit younger than him.. (of course! January 26 and Feb 6.. hahah!) They are separated right??? . As of now, they are not that serious about their relationship, they’re still young and they choose to focus on other things. (I guess their careers.) But he’ll be back,..
The fteller asked my friend to make wishes. (I know you know what she wished for. No need to mention those anymore.) Then she let my friend choose 7 cards again.

FT: He’s lonely right now. (We all know why). But your wishes will come true. 6/7 cards said YES. Only 1 said no… (that was the second time a fortune teller says that my friend’s wishes will come true. Let’s celebrate!! Hahah.)
The funniest part was when we were about to leave. The fteller made a joke and said — if you get to see him, tell him “I asked a fortune teller about you! She said you’re gay!!!” LOL. (it’s even funnier how she said it in our native language, “pinahula kita! Bakla ka pala!” hahaha.

a/n believe it or not , all is up to you 🙂

credit : jaeminlee
shared : cicachun


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