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2 Aug

I want you to be sure, I want to be right for you – itsudatte kimi ni – JYJ

We believe that we can laugh together with you once again – JYJ

You are always our ‘PRIDE’ – JYJ

We still believe that it is not ‘goodbye’ – JYJ

We can only wish that you are happy, we will climb our stairs one by one, we are still waiting for you, imagining our future – JYJ

We will shine more and more so that you can find us.. – JYJ

Even though nobody knows the truth, I will not tell ? lie to myself, and. With pride I promise not to forget – JYJ

Someday in the future, the roal will bring us many encounters. Somewhere, in some place we can see our dreams once again – JYJ

We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again – JYJ

Keep in mind that I love you – JYJ -W

CM:”Both of urs are boring…I’d go do ‘that’.JJ&YH: “What?” CM: “I’d go to the female hot springs~” JJ&YH: “How old are u…?”

“If I were invisible I’d go to the amusement park~” YH

“If I were to be invisible I’d go into the director’s room & not edit any of our vids. Leave them the way they are.” JJ

“Me and YC are the same person. We are one.” JS

JJ:”JS doesn’t like to wear pants.YC doesn’t like to wear shirts.” JS: “But JJ doesn’t like to put both~”

“Sometimes I wish I were a girl…so I can dress in skirts & try different styles.” JJ

“To be honest,if i were a girl. I’d date a lot of men & dump them all.Just for the fun of it.

JS: “Besides eating you aren’t interested in anything are you?” CM: “Well–” JS: ” –I knew it.Your life is boring.”

CM: “I don’t think Jun-chan is polite at all.” JS: “Please go away~”

(Fan letter) “Changmin seems so polite & well mannered.” JS: “What a lie!!” YH: “I can’t accept this.” CM: *chuckles*

JJ: “Yunho & I are getting married!” YH: “This is dangerous…”

“I also think JJ would make some time for me and cook me the best meals.” YH

“For me, I would choose JJ, because he’s a good cook.” YH

“I think I’d marry Yunho if I were a female. Because he’s so manly..I think he’d protect me well.” JJ

“I’m going to work hard. So please continue to watch over us.” CM

“I would like to thank all fans for your endless love and interests. Until now we are still ‘TVXQ’.” CM

“Watch over us to see how ‘TVXQ’ will become in the future. We keep asking for your unchanging love.” YH

“Even if we’re far apart, let’s have hope and keep working hard.” YC

“Yoochun makes great I want to go fishing w/ him. That way I can be closer to him as well.” JS

YC:”I like to go fishing & at the same time eat ramen.So peaceful~” JS:”Take me w/ u!” YC: “no way.”

“Changmin worships me!” JS

“Junsu’s like an oasis in a desert for us.” JJ

“If it’s for the members, I would lend anything.” JJ

“By looking at JS’s face alone, I immediately start laughing.” CM

JJ:”I can tell CM really,really likes me.” CM: “That is so not true.But I must add JJ is always JJ to me.”

CM: “I feel like I talk like JS sometimes.” JJ: “2 Junsus?? no no that’s bad..” YC: “Very bad.” CM: “I’ll be careful~”

“I like to kiss.” JJ

CM: “How come u don’t treasure YC & I?” JJ: “I do treasure u guys!” CM: “And then?There should be more though.”

YC: “CM’s face reminds me of JS nowadays” JJ: “what? that’s bad!” CM: “…my parents must be weeping.”

“TVXQ.My Hero.My Max.My U-know.My Xiah.and Micky.We’re the one…eternally.” (YC’s part,”Kiss the Baby Sky”)

“Our teamwork is almost perfect.” YC

“He (Yoochun) considers other members as his everything.” YH

“I believe! Have my faith, because till now, his mind has always been on our members.” YH

“Yoochun really loves all the members.” YH

“All our time together, we have grown positively and we learned from a lot. And it’s thanks to our leader.” YC

“Tohoshinki is the other part of me.” YC

“If our friendship could last forever, I don’t need anything else.” YC

“Dwelling in failure won’t change anything nor will it create a good outcome.” YH

“Once i have girlfriend i want to go to bondi beach in sydney with her!” JS

“Before i always imagine sydney is a busy and exciting city but actually the nature is so beautiful.” JS

“Sydney is truly amazing!” JS

“I want to sit in front of the sydney opera house and drink coffees.” JS

“Junsu’s oyaji gag’s = nonsense *laughs* ” JJ

“I aim to be more charismatic than now!” JS

“There’s nothing else that i can say. What you see is what you get.” JJ

“Red…makes me think of the members who will continue having a very close relationship even in the future.” YC

“I’ll try to be funny but if JS ever becomes charismatic & not funny anymore then that’s a different story *laughs*” CM

“I believe being busy won’t be a problem for DBSK or so to say, we will work hard to overcome all problems.” CM

“Although I love sleep,but because I love being a DBSK member & doing activities w/ the rest,I’m willing to sacrifice sleep.” YC

JS “For me, it has to be Hitsumabushi.” JJ “In summer?” JS “Hitsumabushi.” JJ “In winter?” JS “…Hitsumabushi,yes.”

“Our fans laugh with us when we laugh, and they also cry with us when we cry. It really feels like family.” JJ

“I’ve come with a happy heart from the beginning, and hope there is a happy ending.” JJ

“We’ll work towards that goal. We’ve debuted in Japan and be like this. it’s because of everyone’s support.” YH

“I just want a cute wife and a cute daughther. If possible, I just want one.” YC

“Without TVXQ, I wouldn’t be like myself, who I am today” JS

“It is our dream to be able to continue doing K-Pop music that only we can pull off.” YH

We wanted to hear, “DBSK, they’re definitely something else / They’re different from other singers” JS

“DBSK and fans like Cassiopeia are glued together.” YC

“If people are touched by our voices, that alone is great joy to us.” CM

“In the beginning it was hard. Putting these 5 completely different voices to harmonize to one.” YC

“All 5 of us work together to make one song,one choreography.” CM

“When singing w/ 2 or 3 members it doesn’t matter. Harmony is there.” JJ

“The most important in harmony is balance.I’m personally in charge of bass so I must support the voices of the members.” YH

“For me, TVXQ’s biggest attraction & weapon is harmony.” JS

“As long as there are people who like and enjoy my music, I will continue to sing regardless of the time and situation.” JS

“There is a possibility to be successful if strive hard…” YH

“That Olympic sport is…Hide & Go Seek.” TVXQ

“We love sports like basketball, but we have an Olympic Sport as well…” YH

“I always say this.Instead of being the best,we want to try our best.The words we want to hear is that we worked hard.” YH

“Our goal: to be modest, to touch people…basically perfect *laughs* but we will keep trying our best.” TVXQ

“Our group’s quality is that we all have individually talented vocals.” YC

“Each member were lead singers from different groups but later we were put together to make DBSK.” YH

“Dwelling in failure won’t change anything nor will it create a good outcome.” YH

“As compared to the hardships, there are much more happy things.” YH

“To be able to do this & anything to help me gain experience, I would do it all. This attitude has never changed.” YH

“Just as fans have waited for a long time, we’ve waited for our fans for a long time.” YH

“I’ve come with a happy heart from the beginning, and hope there is a happy ending.” JJ

“I must have a 1000% determination and work hard even if I can’t achieve that much but at least I would reach 999%” YH

“I don’t really like leading life to be too ideal but comapred to a 100 dreams, I think it is better to have a 1000 dreams.” YH

“Because my parents like to help others, I have learnt to do that unconsciously as well.” YH

(Saipan) “We swam&played basketball in the water…we also played hide-and-seek,ate &chatted freely together.” YH

“To be honest, I’m the kind of often feels lonely and that’s how my inner self shows.” YC

“…I really miss that night’s last meal, every moment has left a deep impression.”

“During Saipan, I remember the members were sitting at the sea side at the far end and were drinking beer w/o a care…” CM

“The members all love sports. I like exercising myself but I also like doing it as a group.” CM

“They were both busy (Yunho and Changmin) so we didn’t contact each other as much as expected but our relationship didn’t change much.” YC

“After the lawsuit, I had a normal life. Learning music, practicing and writing quite a few songs and raining for acting.” YC

“For future plan, I’ll probably still be pursuing singing activities. I want to challenge a variety of music genres.” YC

“I’m enjoying a normal life.” YC

“To be able to show everyone a good performance in such a good piece of work, I’m studying various things to show my best.” YC

“Everything related to the work of TVXQ, I hope they can be settled down amicably.” YH

“We must believe in each other & make great performances,okay?” YH

“I know there tend to be lots of rumors about DBSK…but don’t believe any of it!” YH

“All of our fans are beautiful. I always look at them.” JS

“This is embarassing to say but…please listen to our songs wherever you go…oh & advertise as well while you’re at it.” CM

YH: “They (fans) seem to love Junsu a lot today.” JS: “AH~ I feel good.”

“The advantage is that I’m the youngest, so I never have to pay for anything. I’m lucky (laughs).” CM

“Jokingly I say to Yunho ‘Let’s not live together.’ When that happens Yunho will start to panic and apologize to me.” CM

“I want to learn forever till the day I die.If I don’t continue learn new things,then I can’t be considered as a human being!”JS

“I love being a DBSK member, love being together and doing activities with the members” YC

“I’d still want to feel like a DBSK member, giving everyone a handsome dance performance on stage!” JJ

“I want my thoughts and thinking to mature, physically I hope my body would stay young” JJ

“Changmin teases me so much…it’s to the point that it feels strange when he doesn’t.” JS

“I like Changmin.” JJ (in English)

“This is my favorite flower in the world–reaction’s good! (to audience)–but..I like u more.” JJ’s pick-up line

“I don’t feel lonely without a dog or a cat…so I prefer my members.” JJ

Host: “Which one do you like better? Dog or cat?” JJ: “I prefer my members.” Host: “What?”

“So I had no choice but to entrust my body to them&let them make me up as a girl.” CM

“Even on special days, I was asked to act like a girl.I didn’t like that.” CM

“Ever since I was young,girls liked to bother&make fun of me..they used to ruffle my hair&a lot more.” CM

Q: What is TVXQ to you?
Junsu: Everything in my life. I want to live for TVXQ, die for TVXQ, the precious reason for my existence. If I hadn’t become a part of TVXQ, I can’t imagine what I would be like now. Without TVXQ, I wouldn’t be like myself, who I am today.
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

Fan: will oppas keep TVXQ even if they reach 60 years old? Will you?
Yunho: of course! Don’t worry about it!
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

050126 Jaejoong’s Diary re Celebrating his 20th Birthday in Japan:
………..”I love my members (Xiah, U-know, Micky, Max) you believe in me the most. Do you know how much I appreciate you guys?”
Cre: tvxqfever blogspot

Jaejoong Cyworld:
“Our friendship is stronger than all else because we’re breathing the same air, speaking the same thoughts, and living one dream.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

“Only when the five of us are together can we be called TVXQ.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

“If anyone is to leave TVXQ, I will go back to being a regular high school student.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

Q: Why don’t you let us hear about something that made you happy?
Yoochun: My becoming a member of Tohoshinki.
Q: What is something that has made you angry?
Yoochun: During the roughly three months when we first came to Japan, we really were lonely. That loneliness we felt at first turned into anger later, though there isn’t a reason why. And to be honest, the members’ relationships with each other became not very good. But on the contrary, it is true that when we overcame that period, the bonds between the five of us grew even deeper.
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

Q: Tohoshinki itself is pretty much like a family already, isn’t it?
Yunho: We aren’t members, we’re brothers. We fight a lot, too. But we make up really quickly.
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

“When the five of our voices come together, there is a special something there. That is something that I know.”
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

Q: I want to be reborn as this person?
JEJUNG: The fact is, I still want to be TVXQ’s member!
But I want to be in Changmin’s position. How does it feel to be the youngest member?
CHANGMIN: I also want to be TVXQ’s member again if I were reborn. Afterall, being the youngest is the best.
Cre: sharingyoochun blog

Fan: My eyes and footsteps follow only them
CM: It’s like there’s a place they are headed…
[Fan has a picture of TVXQ as her display picture]
Cre: tvxqfever blogspot

The members were looking back on their trainee days…
MC: I heard you guys worked really hard before debute?
YH: Yeah. We had to go on diets often to keep fit.
YC: We always go to bed without eating dinner…
JS: It was hard for us to sleep because we were so hungry…
JJ: Last time, when Changmin and I really couldn’t sleep, we went out to walk around…
CM: We were really hungry that day, and when we passed a really high class restaurant, the smell of food hit us. Then Hyung asked me: “Do you like that?” I nodded. Hyung looked at me and said: “Then let’s walk back…”
MC: … What happened next… ?
JJ (@.@): We wondered in front of that store until closing time…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

The members look like a family now, but what were you guys like when you first debuted?
YH: I’m the leader, so when we got together, I told them that from now on, we have to use “our’s” instead of “mine”.
MC: That must have been very heart-warming!
YC (v_v): Yeah! I remember this one day, Jaejoong hyung was showering and he took a long time. When he came out Yunho hyung asked: “What took so long?” Jaejoong hyung answered: “Oh, I was shaving our beard.”
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

Variety show…
MC: Wa, everyone’s grown so much in the past year! (Referring to their photobook)
YH: Yeah, everyone’s changing slowly, but Changmin changes very fast.
CM: I grew? (proud)
YH: Naw, as a person, not really. But you did grow height wise.
CM: (!)
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

In a variety show
…when the girl guest is getting punished, she can call the black night (which is her male partner) and let him receive the punishment for her. Yoochun was a guest at the show and his partner was about to get punished when he suddenly cut in…
YC: You can call black night in this round right?
MC: Yes! (Admires his braveness)
Girl (Calls out gratefully): BLACK NIGHT!
YC (@.@): Why are you calling me? I was just confirming the rules…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

The next day, after their debute performance…
JJ: Oh my gosh, I’m so happy! My English teacher from middle school came…
CM: Really? Hyung must be really happy. So which subject did she teach?
JJ (OvO): Korean…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

During a fan meeting…
MC: Yoochun sshi, I heard that the members share underwear, is it true?
YC: Yes it is!
JS: Can I answer for him? Actually, when we can’t find our own, we just grab a random one and wear it.
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

MC: I heard that Junsu sshi’s butt tend to stick out, does it cause problems for you?
JS: Problems? (thinks) … NO! (Answers with confidence)
JJ: But its caused problems for me! …(joins in) When I wear his underwear, it always feels too big!
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

In one of the fan meetings, they exposed some things that happened before debut…
The members were very nervous on the night before their big debute. Everyone went to bed early for the next day’s big performance…
1 hour later…
JJ screamed: AISH! I CAN’T SLEEP!
After a while YC followed: I CAN’T SLEEP NEITHER!
JS: Yeah! I don’t know why but I just can’t sleep!
CM: I know…
Another hour passed… the members were all starting to fall asleep… then YH suddenly yelled: YAH GO TO SLEEP!
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

Fan: That man will become my man. Haha
Changmin: That won’t happen as you wish…T_T
(Fan had a picture of Changmin)
Cre: iscreamshinki

Fan: I’ll marry Yoohun oppa in two years, wait for me… ><
Changmin: Does Yoochun hyung know about this..- _-
Cre: iscreamshinki

Fan: Oppa, compared to you, I like Xiahky (Junsu’s dog XD) more…
Xiah Junsu: Me too, compared to you, I like balloons better
Cre: Xietinloveshero blogspot

Fan: Oppa, if your brief and me drop into the water, who will you save first? I believe that oppa is a wise person.
CM: My brief doesn’t know how to swim, so do you know how to swim?
Cre: fangirlmitz blogspot

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