YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -1-

25 Apr


this is not mine okei 🙂

[YunJae’s Fortune]

So First Please DONT KILL ME …. i will only tell the truth of what the fortune teller told me some of them r Positive and some (very few) r Negative..

I only brought a seperate Jae and separate Yun Photo so the fortune teller thought that i’m asking for their fortunes as individual.. well i wanna know what she will said so i didnt told her “they r couple” ..well she actually didnt let me talk LOL xD
This r the photos I used 🙂

First is Jae:


then she told me Jae is close to a girl now.. not in relationship .. only friends no worries! no feelings involve we know jae is close too many girls.. but jae is MADLY IN LOVE WITH SOME ONE! she told me and not with that girl..someone he knows for long time already *cough Yunho* xD

then the question part..where she asked me to make 3 questions to the cards of Jae .. but only on my mind and secretly..
(actually all my questions was answered YES .. and 1 Not sure..but there is no NO answer xD )

My first Question to the card is.. Is Yunjae real?
– The card says YES

2nd. Is if Jae is inlove with Yunho until now
– Yes

3rd. Will YunJae have a family (will get married etc. )
– Not sure

Second: Yunho

well Yunho is just a normal reading since we dont have conncetion.. she just tell me YUNHO IS STRAIGHT! and many girls and many will still be involve with him.. he is single now and among many girls he is aware that many likes him but he dont know w/c one he can trust among girls around him and fans … then also she told me but because of false rumor he is often misunderstands as ‘gay’ .. then she immediately told me that Him and the first one HAVE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP! i was like –> “O_O i’m not even saying/asking anything yet -_- xD” she told me between the two there is one .. that is not really straight but since this guy is straight we already know who is the not so straight one *cough Jae* she told me many times that Yun and Jae have a relationship that is MORE THAN BROTHERS! and MORE THAN FRIENDS! they have gone through something deeper etc. AND UNTIL NOW THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE TWO WAS NEVER LOST AND ‘THAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP’! *celebrates* ( i think the reason why she doesnt tell me directly that YunJae is a gay couple coz she thinks i’m inlove w. one of them and might get hurt LOL) xDDD and she told me abt the disbandment issue she had read it T^T (she is so good i was speechless LOL) .. she said whether they will be back as 5 is NOT SURE (Not sure but it is NOT A ‘NO’ and through our prayers we can make a miracle and they will be back as 5 .. AKTF!) coz of personal reason but YUNJAE will still stay in contact and what they have before was never lost and will never be *o* T^T i asked many times like “for real? sure?” all she told me is “the cards never lie (w/ serious face) ” xDDD ❤

now the 3 question part.

My first Question is.. Dear Yunho do u still love Jae as lover?
– Yes

2nd. (My favorite) xD Dear Yunho have u and Jaejoong did 'it' already? as in sex & make love?
– then the fortune teller answered accdg to the cards "Yes na Yes!" (means: Super yes!.. absolutely.. no doubt!" ) excitedly..!

i was like "O.o what happened to her she suddenly bcme bobbly..haha but now i know coz that card is the most positive answer if only she know what my question is xD "

3rd. Dear Yunho r u planning to marry Jae and love him for eternity?
– the card say Yes

….. so thats it .. not really exciting xD but i know not all believe in fortune tellers . and not all fortune tellers r reliable… but whenever we want something all we can do is pray and wish …and have faith! hope this doesnt disappoint u T^T .. but one thing is for sure.. forever YUNJAE IS REAL 😀 AND UNTIL NOW THEY ARE AND GROWING STRONGER .. the cards Dont lie! XD ❤

a/n believe it or not , all is up to you 🙂

Cr. ~Marvvi @ YunJae Club
@whAnjAiHEART on twitter
shared : cicachun


5 Responses to “YunJae – Another YunJae’s Fortune Teller -1-”

  1. dirara May 2, 2011 at 04:19 #

    OMO… I’m glad to read this post 😀
    THANKS for shared it ^^

    • cicaa May 6, 2011 at 08:39 #

      me too ~~ urwel dear ^o^/

  2. hyeji June 10, 2011 at 00:05 #

    aww yunjae is real..
    Please GOD let they marry.. Keep they in love forever.. Let them become an item.. Let them together.. Amen

  3. tello June 12, 2011 at 07:55 #

    I don’t comprehend how Yunho is “straight” but misunderstood as gay and then somehow is in a gay relationship with Jae. No matter how pretty Jae is he is still a man, he doesn’t have a vagina OK? So then how is Yunho straight? He would be bisexual- leaning more towards women apparently but in love with a man. Being more “manly” doesn’t take away the fact that Jae is still a guy.
    I just wish Jae would find a person he doesn’t have to go through such drama with, it isn’t like Yunho is the most “open” of people or something.

    • carolyn74 August 6, 2011 at 06:35 #

      yeah Yunho……I don’t really get such a great feeling from him. People say he is so great but I don’t know…..
      Yeah these idiots don’t understand anything. If they love each other that makes them gay/bisexual not straight. They want yunjae to be real yet they seem to think being gay is a bad thing. Jaejoong is a guy and he shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your little fantasies.

      Yeah it is kind of obvious that the writer wants Yunho. “Dear?” Are you serious?

      I just hope (if they are real) that Yunho grows a pair and admits it cause Jaejoong pretty much already announced it. Jaejoong seems to have a very difficult life, he doesn’t need a coward for a mate. “cautious” seems to me more like “shame” of admiting the relationship. (if it is real)

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