Jaejoong Twitter Update

14 Apr

@mjjeje: 행복하구나!

trans : I’m indeedy Happy!

@mjjeje: 사이가너무좋아서 큰일았네!

trans : They are too close & that’s the problem!

conversation with mr.egg

[Trans, bottom to top]

Mr. Egg: @mjjeje Wow! The photo came out really well! You are so handsome man!! Love you Forever!!

Mr. Egg: @mjjeje When I go back to U.S., I’m going to upload 10,000 photos of you! Secret photos. lol. Save the egg!!! hahaha

Mr. Egg: @mjjeje If I do that will my followers also become 400,000? lol. wow.. haha ^^;;;

Jaejoong: I will have to be good [to you] then!^^

Mr. Egg: what do you mean be good. Hyung [T/N: referring to himself] should be good [to you]… if not I might break again ㅠㅠ haha

Source. @mjjeje

Shared by. withJYJ

trans via : tohosomnia


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