YunJae Fact <3 Part 1

7 Apr

Any YunJae Shipper Here ??

Of Course I am .

Ok , Ill share some YunJae Fact

I know it OLD Fact but Enjoy ^^/

Real Facts: YunJae Couple (Yunho-Jaejoong)

1. They are not only close in the show, but also very close in real life.

2. Not like Yoosu couple (Yoochun-Junsu) which is very commercial–only pretends to be close for the show.

3. Yunho and JJ compliment their couple as:

– we always show the true side of us

– we have aura that attracts people even if we only stay still .

4. They have been close even before debut.

5. They first met in 2001.

6. Since they’re the oldest members, they fought a lot and didn’t get along well from time to time.

7. Their personalities were like fire and water (when they had argument, they would stubbornly stick to their own opinion no matter what): JJ was water and Yunho was fire coz JJ would always be the one who put conclusions to their arguments.

8. But now, as time passed.. they have settled down^^

9. Yunho’s opinions about JJ:

-JJ’s shining from head to toe (and what’s that supposed to mean???XDDD)

-JJ is very distinctive.. that’s why whenever he’s around.. there are many funny episodes.

-JJ is so noticable. He’s always easy to be found wherever he goes.

10. JJ’s opinions about Yunho:

-Yunho is a typical handsome guy: very tall with small face. But becoz of that, he’s not recognizable (coz his face is too small!!!). JJ has difficulty finding Yunho from the distance when they’re outside.

-So they should stay together to feel their attraction .

-Yunho is like an alien in Man In Black who also got tiny head. And JJ envies him for that.

11. Yunho said that JJ was like a mother in group.

12. JJ said that Yunho was like a cute daddy.

13. Do you wanna know how Yunjae couple was formed???

–JJ saved all members numbers in his phone in this form: “my Yoochun “; “my Junsu “; and so on.. but he didn’t remember why Yunho’s was saved differently! It’s saved as: “my lovely Yunho ” and some fans ever saw it .

14. In Japan, JJ made a pot of soup for his beloved members. He put all foods in order to make the soup look prettier and arranged them in matching colors. However, YUnho who had meant to just get one spoonful of the soup, had ruthlessly stir the sup and mess it up.

15. They usually act cute, but when it comes to serious problem, they will take it very seriously. That’s why, Yunho said: “If we were a real couple, I think we would have had a serious relationship.”

16. JJ has magnificent appearance and warm hearted, that’s why he should takes role as a woman and does: *cutely* “Honey, are you back?” or “Is it good baby?”

17. And Yunho will take a role as the man.

18. When the team gets clashes among them, Yunho will act cute and show his innocent side to lighten up the athmosphere.

19. JJ is the only one who can senses when Yunho gets problems–and that’s why he’s someone whom Yunho really needs in his life.

20. JJ said that: “I know everything about Yunho from his personality to his BODY.”

21. Yunho always pretends to be really cool, in fact, he will look cool even if he doesn’t do anything.. so why he should pretend anyway???

22. and JJ wonders if it’s really for TVXQ! or he just wants more popularity.

23. coz if Yunho only wants more popularity, he can just say it: “I’m hungry for popularity” like what JJ did in X-MAN Show coz it really worked on him .

24. Yunho talks the good thing about his members only when he is with other people. But he seldom compliments them when the members are around.

25. JJ loves to send text messages to other members to check whether they are well or not, or they skip their meals or not. Like a mother.

26. Sometimes Yunho wanted to have his private times with his friends and family, but suddenly JJ sent him message: “What are you doing?” (like a jealousy gf, eh?XDD)

27. and Yunho has to reply to his text.

28. or else, JJ will never give up send his message over and over again.

29. But the problem is, JJ has a fast typing skill. Yunho had just wrote his reply while another text coming: “Why aren’t you replying?!”

30. Yunho had just finished his first and second replies while another text again, coming: “You don’t respond. Good bye! “

31. So now on, when JJ sends him messages, Yunho will just call him in return.

32. and that’s why Yunho’s phone bill costs a lot

33. JJ always slips away in converstation

34. Yunjae Couple’s special “high five”:

a. Grab each other hand.

b. Press shoulders to each other’s strongly.

c. Release your shoulder but still grabbing hands.

35. but since Yunho is still growing while in other side JJ has stopped.. Yunho has more power than JJ and so while they bump their shoulders together while doing this “high five”, JJ will be knocked out XDDD

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