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6 Apr

100114 Tohomobile – Junsu’s Thank You Message

Thank you for your birthday wishes.

I was very happy.

Since I have turned 23, I want to challenge myself with many many things.

Everyone, please support me more than Yoochun.


Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii

Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[TRANS} Non-no 7 Questions for 5 members

Q5) Within all your singles, the one with the most emotion in it is?

5)junsu’s say : Whenever I sing “Forever Love”, I cry! The melody and lyrics really enter your heart. Even though we have other sad songs, this song has… parts that relate and link to my experiences. I usually cry singing this in Tokyo Dome and other concerts. To not make the melody or tune sound weird, I try my best to hold (my tears) in…but the tune usually comes out weird anyways (laughs). It’s really a song that makes you cry!! The most emotional part is when I face Yuchun and harmonize with him. Also in the last part where I harmonize with Jejung too!

Source: non-no magazine No.6 3/20

Translation: Rieko@sharingyoochun

[TRANS] The Television Magazine March 26 Issue

F- Fetish (from Ontama) Yoochun who said he has a fetish for Junsu’s smell.

His question was “What you would say to today’s Junsu when smelling him”

he answered “Did you shower?”. Wha..what kind of relationship do they have!?

– Who understands “J”unsu the most (from Hey!Hey!Hey!)

This is what Sekine Tsutomu said about Yoochun. Sekine said “Yoochun is really nice and relaxing. Plus he understands Junsu the most”.

Junsu who thanked Yoochun saying “if Yoochun wasn’t here I can’t survive. Even if I say a boring gag he reacts the most and im really thankful.” But to that Yoochun answered “its sad if I don’t”.

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

[TRANS] The Television Magazine March 26 Issue

T-Tsukomisugi! [ plunge into ] (Oshare ism) When they were asked if they ever get in a fight

Junsu said “with Yoochun i get in a word fight saying ‘why is your forehead so wide?’ “

Junsu said “with me and Yoochun it’s my fault but with Changmin its Changmin’s fault. He plunges in too much! Its too much!”.

U- Universe (from Tetsuko no Heya) This is what Junsu said about Changmin’s stomach since he eats 8 times a day. Junsu who said “Changmin’s stomach is like the universe” and Yoochun who said “you can play soccer too”

Kuroyanagi said “Yoochun-san you say funny things” and was impressed of Yoochun.

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun


Shooting started for the trio altogether, again

Jejung supposed to look at the camera, Junsu and Yuchun supposed to look at each of their direction as a posing this time… but…

Yuchun seemed couldn’t stop smiling in this situation (laughs)

he couldn’t stand it, and finally laughing so loud

“What are you laughing at~~~!!!” Junsu desperately protested against his attitude (laughs)

The two of them gazed at each other this time…

As Junsu threw sharp eyes to him as if he’s aiming to win a game, Yuchun also couldn’t help but continue laughing

“Yuchun, come on what is it~~~again~~~!!!” said Junsu getting irritated, “What am I supposed to do~~~ So funny~~~!!!” Yuchun mumbled in agony. Now nobody can stop him anymore? (laughs)

credit: hyejinny79 shared+trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[Trans] Bigeast fanclub magazine vol 16 – Yoosu

Junsu turned the camera to Yuchun and asked him question.

Junsu: “Who am I to you, Yoochun?”

Yoochun: “You are such a nail to me”

Junsu: “What do you mean by that??”

Yoochun: “It makes me want to cut it. But…even if I cut it, it keeps growing…it’s a little annoying”.

Junsu: “Yoochun you’re mean~~~(T_T)”

source: kouki trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[TRANS] 091128 Tohomobile Director’s Cut★SPECIAL 2010 Calendar Shooting

Junsu, it’s wrong~~!!

They were having a group photoshoot in front of the jacuzzi!

Junsu beamed happily, “It’s a pool~♪”, and Yoochun immediately laughed him, “I think it’s a jacuzzi though…” (LOL).

Source: Tohomobile + [info]linhkawaii Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com / [info]linhkawaii Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Younha’s gratefulness to TVXQ’s members

“The divine voice that inspires me a lot, Junsu. Yoochun oppa that with several ways continues to encourage me” Credits: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 090906 Bigeastation Cuts – If TVXQ are male gigolos, who will be the famous one?

JJ: Let’s take a look at the next message from **, “Does Korea have gigolo clubs? If there are, who will be the famous one amongst TVXQ members?

YC: For me, I think there will be two of them, yes, it has to be these two. We can call these two as “S-Line,” who are none other than JunSu and JaeJoong. JunSu ah~ Full of charisma and very attractive, though his character is just so so… (JS: HAHAHA…) This is what I think. JaeJoong ah~ Looks like a doll, is pretty and is stylish.

JS: Cold, cold too…

YC: Even though he seems cold to people…

JS: Giving a very calm feeling, that’s…


JS: That kind of a bad-boy image, that’s how he attracts so many girls.

JJ: No, no…

JS: YA. That’s really nothing…

JJ: No, cannot! If I’m a gigolo, I can’t speak eloquently.

YC: Then you are a gigolo with a good heart? -ALL LAUGH-

JS: You can only say it if you really meant it in your heart…

JJ: If I’m a gigolo, at least I have to be one who’s able to move people’s hearts.

JS: How about YooChun? Can’t? But YooChun really does have his “S-Line,” you can do it…

JJ: Eh. YooChun can do it, yes.

YC: Maybe I should give it a try…


Source: TVXQ-MY Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

YC: Yes. “My favorite phrase in the song ‘Kiss the Baby Sky’ is ‘Please stay the way you are’…”

CM: Um…

JS: (interrupts) Which part was that?

YC: “How do you say it in Korean?”

JS: Ah~

CM: “Please stay just as you are.”

YC: (sings) Please stay the way you are~

JS&YC: (sings) With me~

JS: Okay.

YC: Well actually, when I first wrote this song, this phrase, I made it for Junsu.

CM: Ah~~ To make Junsu sing that part?

YC: Well…

JS: That’s not my part

CM: Then the next mail! Let’s go on.

YC: Yes

CM: Then Junsu.

JS: Yes.

JS: I like Junsu’s husky voice. From Yuki.

I like Miki. (Radio name)

sound like junsu confess to yoochun that he like yoochun ^^

CM: Well, by the way, when would you two like to get married?

JS: Ah~~

YC: I would’ve liked to do it last year.

CM: You wanted to get married last year?

YC: (Lol) No, I wanted to get married last year. (Lol)

JS: Wanted to do?

YC: No, I wanted to do it last year. (T/N: Yoochun isn’t making any sense here. 09.png He thinks it’s funny. Lol)

JS: I see. (T/N: Junsu is used to Yoochun’s jokes. 09.png)

YC: What about you, Changmin?

CM: I would like to get married when I’m past 30.

YC: Ah~~

JS: I would like to get married before I turn 30.

YC: I think Junsu…

JS: I would like to.

YC: …cannot get married until he dies. (Lol)

JS: Well, if I cannot marry, then I will disturb Yoochun so that he will not be able to get married either. YC: (Lol)

JS: This marriage is impossible. No good!

YC&JS: No way~~

JS: Yes, Yes, that way

junsu can’t married until he dies if you not marry him. so yoochun ah…please marry junsu soon *i’m yoosu bias*

quote things credit to : source: Bigeastation + XXIAHAIXX @ YouTube translation: smiley and junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com special thanks: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + sharingyoochun@wordpress + TVXQIndo

[Trans] 091104 Mnet Secret – “The Miracle of Tohoshinki”

Do you know the B-side song of the single “Lovin’ You” that is called “Gosenshi” (五線紙 – music sheet)?

Yoochun once said, “When I listened to this song, I thought of Junsu’s smile.”

Yoochun does love Junsu a lot, doesn’t he? Even though this song is a little bit simple, it is a really heart-warming song with hidden meanings. When you listen to this song, you will be able to see the image of the 5 of them heading towards their dream together.

source: http://cjmj.tv/ + linhkawaii

translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com

credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[TRANS] 091111 Mnet Secret – “The Miracle of Tohoshinki”

On the 2nd day at Saitama, Junsu’s leg had gotten much better, and they almost returned to their usual formation.

This time, let’s start off with the touching song “Begin”! When “Begin” started, next to Yoochun who was playing piano in the dark, Junsu was standing. (On the first day of Saitama, they weren’t standing together (cries)). When the light went on, the five of them were lifted up, and next to Yoochun’s piano was Junsu. That, just that made me feel so happy. That was the best “Begin”.

Source: http://cjmj.tv/ + [info]linhkawaii

Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com / [info]linhkawaii

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Pen Name “White☆Aka-man”san

(T/N Starting from top left, bottom left, top right, bottom next to picture, bottom right)

JUNSUおれをみるなー ユチョン

JUNSU Orewo Miruna Yoochun

JUNSU, Don’t look at me! Yoochun

Pen Name “Mikita”san

(T/N Starting from top left, under the top left, top right, middle right, bottom right)

Yuchonばんざい Junsuおこってるの~? ユチョン

Yuchon Banzai Junsu Okotteruno~? Yoochun

Hurray for Yoochun! Are you angry, Junsu? Yoochun

Source: Bigeast 11&12 (Joint edition)

Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

[TRANS] 090621 Tohoshinki’s Secret of the Day Nagoya Day 3


– When Yoochun listens to ‘Music paper of heart’, he will think of Junsu’s smiling face.

credit: 神采奕译@东方神起百度帖吧

trans: shaine@sweetfig.blogspot.com

thanks to CHUNjessHom@AF

Tohoshinki Interview on Oricon website – July 1st (yoosu only)

Q1: What do you want to do in your off time?

JS: Yoochun seems to like to travel; I myself also want to travel somewhere too! I want to go to the ocean.

YC: I want to travel somewhere~. Since Junsu wants to go to the ocean, uhm… I’ll choose to go to the desert then (laugh).

Q2: Items that you want/have an eye on right now?

JS: For now I don’t have anything in mind particularly…

YC: I want a pirate ship. But since I know that it would be hard to get one, it doesn’t have to be a pirate ship, a ship is also fine. Then, I’ll sail the ship to the ocean and do things like eating there. (T/N: You just want to go to the ocean with Junsu, don’t you XD)

Translated by linhkawaii@livejournal

Shared by sharingyoochun@wordpress


Friday, July 2nd 10:30 a.m

“HELLO!” the members visited the site of Omotesando showcase. The showcase had been being prepared for several months before the tour and the members were actually ones who came first to the showcase.

JUNSU: “Hello” (powerful) “Please pass this way! (laughs)”

He did reception at the entrance.

Once they saw the site, the impressed members shouted “This is great!”

In fact, they’re actually involved a lot in the production, yet still them looked so excited.

First, members expressed interest in the original photo sticker machine. “Oh that’s great, Let’s Go!” they quickly tried it. “Let’s use this frame!” “Yes, let’s take another one!” The 5 really had some fun at the photo booth.

Seeing the results…

“There are two CHANGMINs ~!!!”(JUNSU)

“I want more shots! If it’s possible, I want to try all types of frames both with members and individually!”(JEJUNG)

“YUCHON, my eyes are not bigger?” (JUNSU)

“Really! Reflected prettier than actually is! (laughs)” (YUCHON)

“I look to have very large clear eyes. We look more fantastic than in real life (laughs)” (YUNHO)

“To get all pretty shoots, I think I want to try all photo booths…・” (YUCHON)

“Well, it’s been a long time since I took picture at photo booth.” (JUNSU)

“It’s been five years for me. And the last time, I took with the members. Really bring back memories. I enjoyed this so much.” (Chang Min)

It’s full of satisfaction and fun. By the way, whom do you take with you?!!

Then, ORIGINAL GATCHA (capsule toy) challenge!

From 28 single CDs, there are 10 CDs available which are chosen by lottery among the members, they’re made to be something in 1/6 of its original size and made as key holder.

“What did you get?” (All)

“Oh! I got Purple Line!” (YUNHO)

“Well… this is great, I got Keyword! I suddenly hit one with me as the main vocal, Lucky! Keyword is a really really good song.” (JEJUNG)

With the floating JEJUNG on the side,

“Oh – how I hope…” (JUNSU)

“JUNSU is not so lucky (laughs)” (Manager)

“…” (JUNSU)

“Can we do this more times?” (All)

With that, the members do further challenge.

“It’s too…. why do I also get Keyword…” (YUNHO)

“IEI! It means I’m the most popular!” (JEJUNG)

JEJUNG turned so happy and playful. “I want to sign this keyholder!” (YUCHON)

“ORIGINAL GATCHA is fun because I won’t know what’s going to be out!” (Chang Min)

Everytime ORIGINAL GATCHA pulled out their hit song, there must be scene of members in delight.


“I want to get the figures (real life figure). I want to put it at home…” (JUNSU)

“It’s a cool key chain. I want to click it here!” (YUCHON)

“I hope I can bring back all these goods also…” (JUNSU)

While figuring the estimated value of the goods, YUCHON was stuffing his bag, wanted to carry them all,

“Not a chance ~ they’re all for sale” (JUNSU)

These two people goofed a lot.

In addition, YUCHON acted as the salesperson while JUNSU played role as buyer.

“Please give me that Soy Voice Strap.” (JUNSU)

“E~ this is 200 million yen” (YUCHON)

“Oh! That is so expensive!” (JUNSU)

They enjoyed playing innocently just like a child, had a lot of smile on their faces.

Korean-style shaved ice shop was realized by the requests from members,

“Don’t you think it’s really delicious!” (All)

“I recommend original vanilla PAPPINSU” (JUNSU)

“Korean red bean shaved ice cream with syrup and rice cake is very delicious. Ice and rice cake go together well.” (YUCHON)

“I’d like to go to Japanese PAPPINSU. I think it must be sold! In the SHOWCASE, I’d have coffee flavor, one I have not eaten in Korea. The coffee ice itself is delicious.”(JUNSU)

“Rice cake and red bean is inseparable!” (YUNHO) “The rest of fruits as well!” (Chang Min)

Members were really enjoying each taste. After went around in tour in Harajuku Quest Hall, they moved to SHOWCASE 002 which is located at Omotesando Hills.

source: ORICON

trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Q. You only like it “now” right (laughs)?

YC: Ah, and I also like this ring a lot. It’s a present from Junsu.

JS: It was a birthday present.

YC: Recently it seems that I’ve been constantly unlucky. Getting this ring is not exactly good luck, but it’s more like I have peace of mind when I’m wearing it; I feel more relaxed.

Q. It seems like Junsu is very insightful went it comes to choosing presents.

YC: It’s not like that, he’s not insightful, it’s just a coincidence.

YH: After receiving it, you haven’t had any bad luck?

YC: Actually, no… But I’m still really happy to receive this gift.

JS: Thank you.

Source: [heyjj]

Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net

Shared by: iscreamshinki.net

[TRANS] 090726 Onlystar Magazine (Yoosu part)

Q: This time, Aya Ueto acts as a OL making a mistake with photocopying. In your everyday lives, everyone must have done something that embarrassed them.

Yoochun: After watching the movie that Junsu recommended, I copied the hairstyle of the lead actor which was a failure.

Junsu: It wasn’t that bad in the beginning, until he grew fat (laugh) which made it worse (laugh).

Yoochun: It was on that day when “Choosey Lover” was released in Japan.

Q: In fact, we have the picture from that time. Everyone, let’s see.

Junsu: That’s after~! During that time, it was okay!

Yoochun: That’s… That’s enough. (smiles bitterly)

Source: Onlystar + ALWAYSJJ

Translation: mel @ OneTVXQ.com ~ fin123 @ soompi

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


JS: We “Yoosu” Couple is very famous even in overseas, many ppl know about it.

YC: Actually our relationship is not that good, but bcos we are “well packaged”.

JS: Is bcos of the good promotion & actually, we are just friends who only meet bcos of work.

Any changes in ur relationships

YC: There had been huge changes.

JS: Do you know how to say friend in Kenya language? (ask YC after both of them said friend in japanese & eng)

YC: You better said it with meaning / meaningfully.

(YC warns him)

JS: I really know, do you think I would lie in such a place?

Moments when you find the other cute

JS: After schedule, when YC pulls his back behind his ear, it’s very feminine. Feel like hitting him when he puts on cute expression, that’s when he’s cute.

When its YC turn to answer, he thinks for very long before JS says its alright if YC dun talk about it. YC then asks to change another question. Staff then ask abt moments when YC think JS is irritating. JS didnt agree and wanna go on with when he’s cute.

YC: When he’s eating very fast. (ans after thinking a long time)

JS: Why is that cute?

YC didnt say the reason. YC just says JS is cute naturally.

YC says he hate most when JS playing games. JS says he doesn’t have a moment that he hate YC. He cant think of any after a long time, so he says there is none. YC then changes & said that actually, I also dun have any time that I hate JS.

How the future girlfriend should be like

JS: YC’s gf has to be perfect. Must be perfect, pretty, good in learning, good in english.

YC: It isnt like that, not good in english is ok.

JS: Actually it doesn’t matter how the girl is, as long as YC likes her. YC’s own feelings is more important.

YC: No matter what kind of woman, it also depends on if JS likes her.

Use a word to describe the other

YC: Actually what Asia No.1 doesnt suit JS, “GENIUS” most suits JS. (points out few examples)

JS: This is the best compliment & I shall not let him talk anymore now.

JS: YC most suits “MUSIC” this word.

Translation credit to yunmoon@soompi


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