30 Mar


Wait wait wait 가장 나다운 뿌리깊은 나의 짙은 Sound

Wait wait wait breaking out my most deep rooted thick Sound

난이처럼 건재해 견고하게 준비해 이건 ma Track (Track Track)

I’m unscathed like this, Solidly prepared this is ma Track (Track Track)

유인하는 적 everyday 나 쓰러지길 바란듯해

The luring enemy everyday wishes for me to collapse

But you can`t stop me 해를 보는 해바라기 like ma Fan

But you can’t stop me the sunflower that sees the sun like ma Fan


*흔들림 없는 채로 hey 잃어버린 형체보다

I stand without shaking hey instead of losing form

아직은 뛰고 있는 심장 믿어 몰아치는 비바람 우습게 견뎌

I still believe in my pounding heart, I laughingly endure the onslaught of wind and rain

uh 거기 그대로 차렷 날 모방하는 가짜 winner

uh Standing at attention there, imitating me you’re the sham winner

나의 발걸음은 품격이 달라 웃기지마 너는 아직 나를 못 이겨

The character of my steps are different, don’t make me laugh you still can’t beat me


**세상은 going to lie 상관없어 날 속여도

The world is going to lie, it doesn’t matter even if I’m cheated

꺽이지 않는 나의 외침

My shout does not weaken

난 이제 Going to Fly 순간을 견뎌 내왔어

Now I’m Going to Fly, the moment to endure has come

아파온 시간의 가르침

To teach you a painful time


칼날 같애 뭣 때문에 넌 (날카롭게)

For whatever reason with a knife’s blade you (sharply)

yupp 찔러 끝없게 나의 노랜 못 뚫는 방패

yupp Stab endlessly at my unpierceable shield

계속 피곤하게 끝없는 논쟁 our Game

Continuing the tiring endless dispute our Game

오직 날 우직하게 믿어 준 ma Fan

Simply believing in only me ma Fan




흔들림 없는 채로 지켜봐

I stand without shaking, Watch me.

U can`t stop me, U can`t hold me down

U can`t stop me, U can`t hold me down


계속된 나의 진화 믿고 싶지는 않겠지

You must not want to believe in my continued evolution

어둠 짙어질수록 강해져 숨겨진 나의 비화

As the darkness thickens I grow stronger, my hidden secret story

넌 몹시 궁금 하겠지 난 음악으로만 답하지

You must be very curious, I only answer through music



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